Life as I know it

Making it to the Top

We had another late start today, mainly because our best friends were leaving us to go back to reality. So we set our sites out to conquer Chimney Rock. Now in my mind, I was thinking of dirt trails with rocks and junk that lead us up to the top of where you look out over the town of Lake Lure. Well… that’s not what it was. And when the girl at the ticket booth said the elevator was out, were we were okay knowing that we had to walk? I said, YEAH it’s not problem. Which is what I wanted to do anyway… that was of course when I thought it was a dirt path.

Well I had never felt as out of shape in my life as I felt when I was climbing those stairs. I had to make Ronald stop every now and again, just so I could catch my breath. Another reason why I think that I should have trained to just walk around the mountains. We did make it to the top, and it was breathtaking seeing the view from above.

We made it!
View from the top of Chimney Rock

If you are looking for something to do in the Lake Lure area, I recommend Chimney Rock. The view from up top is amazing and maybe you will be able to use the elevator instead of climbing the insane amount of stairs like we had to. To learn more about Chimney Rock and all the park has to offer, click on the photo below.

The return trip definitely took a lot less time and was much MUCH easier. So we grabbed some water and I got some Italian Ice, to help cool myself down. Once we were somewhat rested, we hit the stairs to go to the path that takes us to the waterfall.

The waterfall was gorgeous. A bunch of the tourist had climbed down the rocks to the bottom of the water fall and they had even told us to climb down because it was ten degrees cooler. So we did and they were right, it felt amazing. The view from the very bottom was all the more beautiful.

At the very bottom of Hickory Nut Falls.
Cooling off at the bottom of the water fall.

Finally we get back to the trail and start to head back to the car. We stop at a local restaurant in the area and get some grub, then we head home to rest up and relax for the rest of the night.


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