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Trying to Turn Us

Another late day, it sucks when you know your vacation is coming to an end. You finally get into the lazy mode and start sleeping in. No more six a.m. wake up calls from your body thinking it has to go to work. Instead you lazily wake up around noon. That was me and the husband today.

Not really feeling like doing much, we just sat around the house up until three p.m. Then we get ready to do some kayaking. Since the resort is right on the lake, all we had to do was go down to where the “beach” area was and pay for the rentals.

My husband had never kayaked before so this was a great opportunity. We got a two seat kayak and start rowing like a well oiled machine.

Bringing up the front!
Row Row Row Your Boat

Forgetting that it takes effort to kayak we both end up pretty much tired. We paid for two hours, and I think that we ended up only kayaking for an hour. None the less, it was fun and got us out of the house.

Trying to take a photo of our surroundings without dropping my phone in the water… which is hard to do in a kayak. lol.

We drove home, and I started to make us some sausage spaghetti dinner with a side salad.

Om Nom Nom

Tomorrow is going to be our last day here. We planned to take the resorts dinner cruise tomorrow night. So during the day time, I think we’re going to go ahead and clean up everything and get the house ready for our departure. And just enjoy, our last day of our first vacation as husband and wife.


2 thoughts on “Trying to Turn Us

  1. Loved reading your blog about Lake Lure. My husband and I go every year. He grew up there and that’s the place we got married at. We also kayaked for the first time last year!

    1. I had never heard of Lake Lure until we actually went and OMG I fell in love! I told my husband that I want to go back next year. lol. I live in Eastern North Carolina and that was my actual first time going to the Western side of NC. It was nice to be surrounded by trees and nature, since where we live they keep cutting everything down for houses that no one is buying. :/

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