Life as I know it

Dirty Dancing Cruise

So on our final day of our vacation, the husband and I just sat around watching movies and reading our books. We had made reservations to do the resorts dinner cruise, kind of like our going away dinner. The front office told us to be there at 4:30pm, we were as always prompt getting there… only to find out that the cruise didn’t start until 6pm and the front office lied to us. So we sat there… starving in a restaurant because we didn’t want to eat until we were on the cruise.

Finally we started to board the little pontoon boat and that’s when our tummys started growling.

His happy face

They gave us our drinks and in my head, I’m thinking “YEEEEES they are going to give me a salad or something to munch on while we get this boat going. Nope… all they gave us was the drink, while we floated around looking at million dollar houses and talked around property taxes and how much it is a bitch.

Sweet Tea that didn’t taste like sweet tea.
Want to feel like you haven’t accomplished anything in life. Check out the houses on the lake. They will make you feel real bad.

We start to get somewhere and we come up on some land that should have been familiar to me since I’ve seen the movie practically a million times. That’s right ladies and gentlemen… we got to see where Dirty Dancing was filmed.

The more I look at the photos, the more I remember it.

Now if you remember the movie at all, where the employees’ lived in the movie was on this property as well. There use to be a camp for boys, but after the movie was filmed the little units were burned down [from what we were told]. And in none of the two pictures I posted you can see the stairs that Jennifer Grey danced down while she was practicing with Patrick Swayze. I can’t remember if the tour guide guy said that the water lift scene was also shot there as well because Dirty Dancing was shot in three different locations.

But I thought that was pretty cool. You can still go onto the property and walk down the steps.

We start back onto the tour and see more homes that Ronald and I could only hope to own one day.

Yeah I climbed that!

We started heading into the direction of where Lake Lure Inn was and we were directly across from Chimney Rock. Yes, we climbed that. Jello legs and all.

The tour guide swings the boat around and his helpers finally give us some FOOD! Granted it was only bread, I was happy none the less to receive something of substance. And then, they brought out my salad!

Food finally. It was a tiny little salad but I was happy none the less because it meant that my steak was coming! I didn’t take a picture of it when it finally came… only because I was so famished that eating was the only thing on my mind. We continue on the tour of seeing homes and talking more about how property tax on a home on the lake will kill whatever money you have. They even brought us cheesecake with strawberry dressing as our desert. This gal was happy by the end of it.

We started heading back to Lakeview Restaurant which is the photo above. And I start to get the feeling of not wanting to leave. We had such a great vacation that saying goodbye to the resort was a little hard.

Beyond the restaurant is the Rumbling Bald Resort. A place that we called home for a week. Honestly, I would like to say that we will be back next year because this year was just great. It was everything that we needed. A place to get away. Yes we could have done without the twisting and winding roads… and me being out of breath constantly from trying to walk uphill, but it wasn’t something that I would regret. We had the best time with our friends and just being together.

The end to a great vacation.

It was a successful first vacation as husband and wife. I can’t wait to see where we end up next year! Thank you Rumbling Bald Resort for an amazing stay!


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