Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I would personally like to thank Pinterest for giving me so many ideas on decorating. And for making me realize how obsessed I am with mason jars. I replaced our toothbrush holder with a mason jar. Yeah. So when I saw this on pinterest, I knew instantly that I wanted to make it for our bathroom. In hopes that one day our bathroom counter will be big enough to hold a ton of mason jars. lol.

Now I just started out with a normal mason jar that I stole from my parents house.

Then just cut a hole in the middle. In the blog tutorial, she uses a drill with a hole attachment. I did not have that, so I did it free hand… which as you can see ended up making it not centered. But I was okay with that because this was just a test to see how much I like it.

And then it was on to the spray paint. I just used a left over color that I had from a project that I’m still working on. Now that I’m thinking about it, it kind of clashes with my hand soap color, but that is okay because once that is all done I will be able to get a fun color to put in it.



I eneded up just using the pump from our Jergens hand soap dispenser that we already had.

Please excuse our dirty counter. lol.

I had to cut about half an inch of the pump so that it would fit into the mason jar and then once the spray paint on the lid dried, I used “Goop” to super glue the pump to the top of the lid.

I waited 24 hours for it to dry completely and then put together the lid and jar, just to make sure that the pump didn’t need to be cut anymore but it fit perfectly.

And here it is all finished and with our Jergens Cherry Almond soap in it.

Whenever we move the heck out of here and I get more counter space on our bathroom, I have a huge thing of hand sanitizer that I want to do this to. And maybe even to my body lotion.

I said that I was addicted. And hopefully I will eventually make them a little fancy like these ones.

What crafts are you getting into this weekend?


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