Music Monday

Music Monday | Spice Girls

Oh yes… that is correct. Today’s music monday is from the 90’s British pop band Spice Girls. Normally I would have not even considered this but one of the radio stations that I listen to does a “Your Top Five Hits,” where you message them on facebook or text them and they play your five top hits that you want to hear.

I like most little girls in the early 90’s when the Spice Girls came out, were completely in love with them. And you know you were… which one were you? Me… Posh… yeah. lol. I’m going with their most popular hit, Wannabe. And after watching the video numerous times… does anyone else realize how much of a struggle Ginger Spice, Geri Halliwell, is having?

Not only that, but can you still believe that Victoria Beckham was a part of this? Looking at her in the video, it still seems like it was a fake because she looks like she is having fun in the video and she NEVER looks like that. lol. I kid, I kid.


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