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Golde the Mother | Jayden Woods

Barnes and Noble Overview

“The Lost Tales of Mercia” are ten short tales that can be enjoyed as quick glimpses into the swashbuckling history of ancient England or read alongside the full-length novel, “Eadric the Grasper.”

In the First Lost Tale, the resolve of Eadric’s mother is put to the test when a dangerous but powerful man appears on her doorstep.

I don’t remember if I got this little series for free on Barnes and Noble or if they were .99, I’m almost positive it was free. But like the overview states, it was a short story about a woman who has to deal with a dangerous man. Her son, whom she thought would never have to meet this man, makes a decision that will change her life forever.

She sighed, thinking that she was beginning to sound like a fool herself. “I suppose all I am trying to say is: be careful what you wish for. Pick your battles wisely. Enjoy what you have and take what you can reach… and all will be well.

For being a short story, I liked it. Now it says that these little tales are insights to the characters in the book Eadric the Grasper, which means after reading all of the stories I’m going to have to buy the actual book so I can see why there are these short stories to go with it. And after reading this short story, I’m okay with having to buy the book.


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