Life as I know it

Bye Bye Body Lotions

I’m a sucker for Bath and Body Works promotions. Why yes, I would love to buy 5 bottles of lotion for $10… only problem is, I don’t use lotion. I’m really horrible at moisturizing when you should. Not only that, but B&BW lotions aren’t exactly great for dry skin… or at least for mine. I find that it makes my skin all the more itchy and dry, so I have to use the clinical type of lotion. Even then I still don’t do it often. But now that it is summer, and my skin has been more dry than normal I figured I would combine the two lotions.

Which is great, especially since I am doing the project 10 pan with body products as well. So I have right now combined

This is the Gold Bond that I use. Yes, I sometimes feel like I smell like an old lady. But anything to help with the itch. I swear it’s like my legs have been bitten by a million little bugs.

Since I don’t use the good smell stuff, I just combine both of them. The smell of the Gold Bond actually kills the smell of the good smelling lotion but at least I can say I’m using them all.

So right now I have the Gold Bond and Rainkissed Leaves from Bath and Body Works.

I just take the Rainkissed Leaves and pour all of it into the Gold Bond bottle with the pump and just keep refilling with equal parts of Gold Bond and Rainkissed Leaves. Again, I have a ton of bottles of lotion that I probably will never use, so to combine them helps a lot. Right now I have five bottles of different smelling Bath and Body Works lotions sitting in my closet. So hopefully I can get through it all by the end of the year.

Not to mention it really saves me some money. The only thing that I have to buy is the Gold Bond and normally I just get the biggest bottle they have so that it lasts for a long time.

What do you do to cut corners and save money?


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