Books I've Read

Ethelred the King | Jayden Woods

Barnes and Noble Overview
Young Ethelred wants little more than to impress his half-brother, Edward. But when a conspiracy develops against Edward’s future reign, Ethelred finds himself at the center of its success.

Ethelred idolizes his half-brother Edward, and wants to constantly be in the good graces of him. But little does Ethelred knows, his mother is up to something evil. Edward and Ethelred’s mother do not get along… the king has passed and after much debate Edward is crowned the new king. However, Ethelred’s mother knows that it should have been her son and comes up with a devilish plan to get her son to the throne.

Can Ethelred live with himself after the tragedy that happens to his half-brother? Now that he sees his mother in a new light, what becomes of their relationship?

Just reading these little short stories actually makes me really want to buy the book that these go with.


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