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Aydith the Aetheling | Jayden Woods

Barnes and Noble Overview

Aydith is a young aetheling whose distrust of the Norsemen often gets dismissed. With the encouragement of a kind hearth companion named Hastings, she might find another way to aid her country.

Someone has been in the reading mood! Why yes I have been. Only with these short stories though! Aydith the Aetheling is the third book in the Lost Tales of Mecia stories.

Aydith is the daughter of King Ethelred. The word Aetheling means a man of royal blood – a prince, however in this case it is princess. Aydith is disgusted with how her father is handling things with the Danes. She feels that the only option to defeat them is to fight, but her father has other plans. It has only been a year since her mother has died and her father is to wed someone else. Aydith does not understand why her father has choosen to wed. But she soon learns from a dream that if she is to establish power in her role as an aetheling, she needs to do it by the side of her brother.

“If only people would come together and speak their true minds, perhaps real progress could be made.” Pg. 8


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