Life as I know it

Change is in the Air

Where have you been you might ask? Besides reading and learning how use up all of my lotions… well… the honest answer is home. Ever since the vacation, I hit the work weeks harder than ever. Lots of events coming up for Old Navy and like always I’ve been working my tail off like they pay me to do. Who thought being a merchandising specialist at your local Old Navy would make you this tired? Definitely not I.

First and foremost, my husband has been hassling me to start gaming with him. He loves online gaming. When World of Warcraft was big, he constantly talked about how I should create an account so that we could play together. I never did. I’m not that kind of girl. I’m not big on sitting at a computer for hours on end… HA! <- that was funny because that is all I do.

Anyway, when Diablo 3 came out, Ronald was gung-ho on getting me into playing it. He got a key code from Mike, his best friend, and downloaded the game onto my computer. He just wanted to see if I would like it. And honestly, I do. Nothing like a long day at work and coming home to kill some zombies and demons to take the stress off. I understand why Ronald constantly needs to get a game in after he comes home from work.

One thing that I am learning is that it’s not exactly good for my anxiety though. I’m not a fan of NOT knowing when something is going to come and try to kill me. I have butterflies in my belly the whole time. You know that feeling when walking through a halloween maze and you know something is going to come out of nowhere but you don’t know where? Yeah, that’s the feeling I get when I play. It sounds crazy but it is completely true.

And when I’m not playing Diablo 3… or sleeping, I’ve been helping my husband paint some Vikings for a convention that is coming up in July.

Still trying to figure out how I got involved in this. But either way, I’m glad to help. I’ve even decided to go to the convention with my hubby and the guys from the Hobby Chest. I spend some time with them at the store, so going to a convention will be no different. Plus I like that my husband is including me in these types of things.

We’ve got roughly three weeks to finish painting a hundred guys… so we need to get into gear. We’ve been slacking some.

We got a little over 20 guys right now that have their shirts, pants and chainmail painted. We still need to do the weapons and their skin. Ronald still needs to prime the other 80 or so guys and then he needs to do all the bases that they are on. So when he comes home today, hopefully we will be able to knock out a lot of it. Or at least finish up these guys to the point where Ronald can do the bases.

So yeah, this is what I’ve been up to since the vacation. Probably lots of book reviews coming up. My best friends and I are starting a book club thing. It’s going to be pretty interesting. Hopefully I will be able to post more. I’ve been doing lots of crafts here lately… again thank you Pinterest.


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