Ramble Ramble Ramble

I don’t know why…

But people always… always feel the need to tell me their personal problems. People I don’t even know.

I mean, I don’t even look half interested but people still lay it on me.

To the cashier at Walmart… I’m sorry you were at the doctor’s office from 11a.m. to 4p.m., only for them to tell you that they wanted to reschedule your appointment.

Also, you probably shouldn’t be at work if your medicine is making you tired and sleepy.

If it were me… I’d be calling the heck out. Especially if the medicine that was given to me was for a condition that they are trying to treat by way of surgery eventually.

I just don’t get it. She had a nice little “small talk” conversation with the lady in front of me but as soon as I said, “Hi, how are you?” that was the end of it. Maybe that is my problem. I give people a road to take when I ask them how they are. lol. The correct answer to that question is usually, I’m doing alright. Or I’ll even take I’m good. I didn’t think she would tell me details about what’s wrong with her and why she was in the hospital yesterday.

Maybe I’m a lot more approachable than I thought. Either way, when I say hi how are you cashiers… please just tell me you are doing okay. And let’s end the conversation right there. Mean, but I’m in a hurry, and I just need you to scan my items so I can go home.


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