Ramble Ramble Ramble

Saving One Precious Life

at a time! On our way home from dinner, my husband and I were talking about turtles and how I thought that there might be turtles in the pond in front of the church. Ronald insisted that there might be, but he would never know because he can never find them. Example: While we were at the Rumbling Bald Resort at Lake Lure, he tried his hardest to find a turtle… and he ended up empty-handed.

We turned into our neighborhood and in the road was something moving along, that neither of us were sure of what it was… until I screamed out that it was a turtle! lol.

Ronald pulled the car over so he wouldn’t run it over and I got out and grabbed him real quick because there was a car behind us. He was actually a lot faster than I was thinking he would be. I jumped back into the car and we headed home. I’m sure that wasn’t the destination he was heading for. I’ve saved many turtles from crossing the road… this one was the first to tinkle on me. I can imagine how scared he was.

We decided the best place to put him was in a little pond area by our house. So we set out hand in hand to save this little guys life.

We hope that he grows up to be big and strong!!

He can grow up to be good like these guys:

Or he can go to the evil side… which he did pee on me so I would imagine he would choose this route:

That’s right… Snapper from Power Rangers. lol.


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