Jewelry Holder

So this isn’t so much of a craft as it is and new nifty way to organize my earring collection. I found this on Pinterest, imagine that. lol. I couldn’t find an oven rack anywhere that I could steal, but then again I didn’t look very hard. Instead I found this 5 tier pant hanger from Target that looked like it would do the same thing. And a plus side was that it had the no slip grip.

Again, it’s probably not as pretty as the spray painted oven rack, but it serves it’s purpose. Especially since it is really hard to find jewelry holders that won’t get in the way and can hold a lot of earrings. We have very limited space in our room so this just hangs in front of my closet.

If you are wondering where I got all my earrings, the top row, are earrings that I have purchased a LONG time ago and earrings that I have made. All the other rows are earrings that I have purchased from Old Navy’s Beeline Accessory collection. I don’t know if any of these are available online but I know that most Old Navy’s are now carrying this line. I have a feeling this hanger is going to fill up really quickly. :/ I’m sort of on an earring obsession. Is it obvious? lol. What craft have you done this week? Or what new way of organization have you found that you would like to share?


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