Nail'd It

Nail’d It!

Nail’d it, so over used. Yes I know, lots of you have seen this on many and many of people’s posts and just all over the internet, they are a lot more clever than me. lol But anyway, lately I have been slightly obsessed with nail polishes. More importantly buying nail polishes. The main culprit was when I was at Ross and I found this awesome find! From then on I’ve been Ross almost every week looking for more deals like this.

I have yet to find anymore Essie deals but they do always offer the packs of LA Colors and JLB Cosmetics. They both come in a pack of seven. And amazingly the colors aren’t too bad and the application isn’t terrible. Two coats… three to get it really opaque.

Now my husband will probably kill me when he reads, if he reads this. But in a matter of three weeks, I have acquired over 21 JLB Cosmetics nail polishes and 14 LA Color Craze nail polishes. On top of that, 10 LA Colors Art Deco nail polishes. Insane I know, but if you remember I get kind of crazy when it comes to buying something that I’m obsessing over at the moment. I decided today would be a great day to try them out and not have them waste away. So of course I was on pinterest trying to get an idea of what to do/try. I came across this cute DIY on how to get a cute little heart detail… well… it failed miserably on me. I don’t know if I didn’t leave it on long enough, but it ended up taking off all of the nail color.

So I tried a different route, another somewhat, pinterest find. The girl only did a diagonal crackle line but I decided to add a few lines to make it look a little bit more interesting. These were the colors that were used. One of the things that I don’t like about the LA Colors from the packs is that they don’t have names to them. I’m a sucker for something with a cute name. But what can you do? I figured I was done with this but as I kept going through a bunch of pinterest pins of nail polish stuff I saw lots of glitter. I’m not a glitter kind of gal but I was intrigued. One of the LA Colors Art Deco packs came with two glitter nail polishes. So I added a bit of bling.

This is the final look. I just did them to my thumbs and the rest of my fingers are the solid neon pink color… even though in this picture it looks more like a fuchsia… purple-y color. But trust me it’s neon pink, and I can guarantee that everyone at work tomorrow is going to gasp. lol.

None the less, I’m pretty impressed with the fact that I could do this. I don’t have a steady hand and I was even able to do the same design on my right hand… which would tell you that I’m right handed. lol.

Pretty excited about all of these and I think I’m going to start doing some nail polish hauls and such. You know, put the colors on to show case them. Help others become addicted to nail polishes. 😀 Add it onto my list of posts that I say I’m going to do but it might take me years to do it. And if I can keep up the whole doing my own nail designs I might even do how-tos. I think that would be kind of cool.


3 thoughts on “Nail’d It!

  1. You totally Nailed it! LOL =) Those are some pretty fancy thumb nails, how long did it take you to do that?

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