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The Mindy Project

So one of the shows that I was completely looking forward to watching was The Mindy Project. If you don’t know what it is, here is the trailer for the pilot episode.

Now that trailer is pretty much all of the episode summed up. And I completely hate that all the funny parts of the episode were all used in the trailer to promote the show. I never watched the office, so I can’t completely say that I love Mindy Kaling, however the show does show some kind of promise. Hopefully they won’t go overboard and just always do the promos with the best parts of the episodes every time.

Has anyone else watched this? If not, the trailer is on Hulu right now. Check it out and tell me what you think!


3 thoughts on “The Mindy Project

  1. I did see that, and I really want to watch it. I read her biography, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me and loved it! I just recently got into the Office, and while I don’t love her character, she is a writer for the show, and I have enjoyed the majority of the episodes she wrote. She also had a minor role in No Strings Attached which wasn’t horrible. That was the first time I saw her act.

    I am hoping it will be really good, and am looking forward to watching it 😀 I do recommend reading her book regardless of how good or bad the show is. It was a decent read.


      1. I know…I have been spending time in BAM lately, especially since I have no internet right now! I am surrounded by so…many…books. I have to tell myself to read what I have first.

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