Nail'd It

Covered in Glitter

So like I’ve said in my post, Nail’d It, I have been obsessing over nail polish. So of course, on Pinterest, I have been trying to find a million and one designs that I could possibly do on my nails that wouldn’t make me want to pull out my hair. I found this one that I totally love, especially with the whole new obsession with glitter being on my nails.

I did it in the reverse direction instead, but none the less, I still pulled it off. The colors I used were a neon pink from the LA Colors Craze set, a purple/blue glitter from the LA Colors Art Deco collection, and then just a top coat.

And this is how it turned out for me. I’m pretty excited. I showed my husband and he said the Asian in me is coming out because I keep doing my nails. Lol. Way to make it stereotypical my love.

You can’t really tell in the photo that the glitter is purple and blue but it is and it really stands out in the sun light. Looooove it! šŸ˜€

I’ve also be on the look out for a nail polish finisher. Something that I could put on my nails after I’m done painting them, that would help dry them faster because I’m completely clumsy and always end up messing up my nails. Either from dinging them on my desk… falling a sleep without them being completely dry and getting creases in the polish… OR having to use the bathroom as soon as I’m done painting my nails and getting them messed up with the toilet paper. lol.

And I constantly forget that there is a Sallys Beauty Supply, almost everywhere. While looking around for something funky to do with my nails, I found this can that was reduced in price because the girl said they were getting rid of the “travel size” or whatever. Either way I got it for $2.19 which is a steal for me, especially if I’m just testing something out.

Either way, it worked like a charm. I might end up going to Sally’s to get the big can! Yeah if that doesn’t tell you I like the product, I don’t know what will.

What cool, funky designs have you found that you want to try?

Lots of nail stuff coming up… yeah… I got really carried away. lol.


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