Life as I know it

Any Day Off is…

a good day. So me and two of my favorite photographers were going to set out on a journey to just photograph whatever we can. We like to do this every now and again because sometimes shooting as a group helps us get comfortable with our cameras again.

I don’t know about the others but sometimes I get lost because I don’t have my camera on me as much as I would like especially since my job doesn’t exactly have any use for me to have it. So it normally sits at home collecting dust.

Which is why we all like to go out and shoot and take in whatever beauty we find. Also it is great to be able to have one another close in case we have a problem that we can not solve on our own.

However things happen and today we did not have the chance to get together. Which of course was a bummer, hopefully tomorrow will work out better. So I decided even though I would have the day to myself I would still make myself pretty and do whatever I feel like.

Which so far has been me putting on a black dress… and some makeup while I watch an episode of So You Think You Can Dance on Hulu. I know, it’s 11:35am and I’ve already had a pretty impressive morning. lol.

The top two images you see are from my little drive down to the beach which I haven’t visited all summer… only because big crowds of people judging me in a bikini… not my idea of fun. So I usually get my fill of beach time in the fall and winter. And for whatever reason I woke up this morning thinking, “Damn, I’m going to Dunkin Donuts for a pumpkin coffee and I’m going to enjoy the fresh salty air of the beach.” Which I did!

And yes, if you must know… this will be an instagram filled post. But it’s okay! So of course, I was bored and wanted to see if I could add a little wave to my hair, just to give it some flair because again I was a little bored.

And after taking this photo I realized why my husband likes to call me weird and strange. I blame Pinterest.

It worked though, like a charm. Kind of like the first time I did it when I had a lot of hair. So I had made myself up, then went out to stuff my fat face with something deliciously unheathly. Which just happened to be Taco Bell. :/ I was driving and then I noticed that the clouds looked amazing and that need to photograph something came back. So I kind of rushed back to the house and ate as fast as I could before I went out to see what I could capture. I striped off my little black dress and put on a sports bra, tshirt with holes and some jean shorts. As it turns out. That all my hard work to look great quickly faded because I did not realize how hot it had gotten. Not to mention I tend to always forget that I need bug spray… why you ask, because I’m the dumb dumb that always ALWAYS gets eaten alive by mosquitos. It never fails. EVER! They are just drawn to me.

Everytime I stopped to take a photograph I would look down and there would be six or seven latched on to my leg. Not the way I wanted it to go but it happens. Anything to get the shot right? So now I’ve made it back home, bug bites and all. After taking a very cold shower to cool myself off from the heat and drinking a very large cup of iced water… I’m ready to get myself back to looking pretty because my husband said we could treat ourselves tonight by going out to dinner.

Which is kind of funny because now all I want is a nap.

Yes… a nap sounds fantastic. Oh and by the way, I was googling a nail polish company on google images and found this! When you click on my little wordpress gravtar it says featured blog. SAY WHAAAT! lol. Now whether or not every blog on google is a featured blog, I’m not sure but none the less, it’s pretty awesome to see my blog on search engines.

Just looked it up again and some of my photos are on there as well. YAY!

Just thought I would throw it out there, since I’ve been shamelessly promoting my instagram photos! 😀


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