Music Monday

Music Monday | Taylor Swift

Two Music Mondays! Say WHAAAAT! Well… you see, I missed last Mondays which was Maroon 5’s day. You are getting two today! Now this next song that I chose from Taylor, is one that at first when I first heard it, there was no way in hell that I thought it was Taylor Swift. We all know her songs about young love and such, but this one was so off her radar that I just had to post it on here.

It is obviously getting lots of air time because it is such a fantastic song and I would imagine many MANY people relate to this song.

Maybe you have already guessed it?

That’s right, We Are Never Getting Back Together.

I am completely in love with this song! Yes I know, I’m married but you can’t tell me when you are in your car and this song comes on, you don’t let yourself belt the lyrics out! I know I do, and I probably look like a fool for doing so.

Now I don’t quite understand why the band is dressed as furry animals. It still baffles me and I’ve watched the video quite a number of times. If someone could answer that for me. And I love the fact that in the beginning she kind of reminds me of Lisa Loeb, with the glasses. Oh! And the cardboard truck? lol. It’s a cute video though.

You can’t help but to love Taylor Swifts songs. I like to deny it but deep down inside she is on my faves list.


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