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Smoothie Anyone?

So I got up in the morning and had some serious errands that needed to be done. I walk out to my car and notice something wrong with my car. There were tons of discarded insect wings all over my car. It was not just one side of my car, it was ALL OVER MY CAR. Then there were some that were still stuck and struggling to get free from the moisture of my vehicle. I didn’t think about the fact that I probably should have saved this particular insect’s life, because I was driving down a long highway when I looked over and thought to myself, “Damn he sure is struggling… maybe I should have helped him out.” Oh well!

I went to the SSA [Social Security Administration] because they messed up on my social security card and then tried to tell me that for 25 years of my life I’ve been spelling my name wrong. Yeah… that makes sense. So I had to set them straight and the only reason why I am okay driving out that way and dealing with them is because they have a Super Target!

Lately I’ve been really into shoes that don’t make much sense. Like these boot/heels looking thing. Something about it really makes me want to buy them though. Again it is one of those things that I just really want to buy, not to really wear but just to have… in case at some point in my life someone says, “You know what will look really good with that outfit? Boot heels!” And then I would be like, “Hell YEAH! I have some at home.” But I know my husband would just stare at them and then stare at me and in his head ask WHY. lol.

One of the things that I’ve realized as I have been getting older is that the toys that we used to play with while we were small… do not compare with the toys that we want to play with now. And I say this because when my husband and I were at Target we were walking through the “kitchen” areas and we heard a guy talking really excitedly about a tortilla maker. I mean, he was truly excited about this. It made us laugh and I couldn’t believe how excited he was over a kitchen appliance.

Until we bought our Oster single serve blender.

We had just gotten our gym membership back and I realized that going to Dunkin Donuts and Bojangles in the morning is probably going to have to stop. So of course, I was searching Pinterest and I kept finding all these smoothie recipes. I just had to jump on the bandwagon. I mean who doesn’t want to just drink their breakfast?

So I bought some frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, almond milk [we’re not lactose intolerant, we just drink almond milk on the regular lol] and honey. Got home and went straight into making myself a delicious smoothie that I made up myself. Mango chunks, strawberries, one banana and lots of spinach with a squeeze of honey.

Made the same thing for the husband and he actually liked it as well. So we’re on the right track!

I think I could get use to drinking something healthy and delicious on the daily. Especially since we are trying to get fit. So I hope it will help me lose some of this muffin top that I’ve been trying to hide. :/ Not to mention, we will be saving some money in the long run.

Do you have any great smoothie recipes? Send them this way!


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