MakeUp Review

Make Up Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo

Test My Teal

So a friend that I use to work with had asked my opinion on this because she was curious of the wear and such.

Which I was excited because I’ve never done a makeup review before, so I thought it would be pretty cool to try to do some with products that I have and use on the regular and even first impressions among other things.

Now the color that I am going to be reviewing is Test My Teal. It is a part of a limited edition collection that I saw at Target.

Now there is a huge craze with these. And they have been around for a while now. If you are familiar with the MAC paint pots, I think these are the reason why everyone got so crazy to be honest. A cheaper alternative to the MAC paint pots. I got mine at Target for $5.00 on sale.

This color in particular is actually part of a limited edition display they had, so it was regular price $5.84. Which I did not mind paying because they are $7.99 at my local Walgreens and they don’t even carry limited edition colors. So that was really great and because the regular colors were on sale for $5.00, I stocked up! Which is why I have put myself on an extensive buying ban. Lol.

And let me say, I apologize for the crappy pictures in advance. For someone who understands manual cameras… point and shoots are not my cup of tea. lol.

Now the reason I had bought this particular color was because I have a lot of pigments from About Face Cosmetics [that is no longer in business] and needed a base to use underneath them.

So on my right eye, which looking at the photo would be the left, has the pigment over top of the Test My Teal. On my left eye, which in the photo would be my right, there is no pigment, that is the color straight from the jar to my eyelid.

Which the color intensity was great. It almost matched the eye with the pigment on top, but you could clearly see that the eye without the pigment was much dimmer and not as bright [which you can’t see in the photos].

Now the thing about my face is that it gets quite oily, especially my eyelids. They are an oily mess after an hour or two. Which sucks because I can rarely wear eye shadows without it sliding off my face. So what I have to do is put eye shadow down before I put on a base and then pray that it doesn’t crease.

Now Maybelline claims these are a long-lasting eye shadows, so of course to someone with oily lids, sounds like heaven.

I put the teal color all over my lid and then I took the dark definer color from the Wet & Wild Petal Pusher pallet in my outer corner and slightly in the crease. You’ll see the very bottom teal color, that is the About Face Cosmetics pigment, for the life of me I do not know the name of the color. But it is quite gorgeous, none the less!

Used my NYX pencil eyeliner in black on my water line and then my Palladio liquid eyeliner in black on my lash line.

And that is that!

The application of the color tattoo was very creamy and easy to work with. You have to be kind of careful and do an even coat because if not, you can easily see the sheerness.

Now as for the staying power, I made sure that I did not use eyeshadow underneath the cream shadow, so that I could be accurate. I was extremely impressed. Again I have the worst oily lids ever! The shadows didn’t last 24 hours but it did last about 7-8 hours. Which is great because anyone who has oily eyes will understand how great it feels to not have to worry about your eyeshadow sliding around.

So there is my review. I actually really loved these and am completely glad that I stocked up on almost all of the colors! I have six from the permanent collection; Painted Purple, Bold Gold, Pomegranate Punk, Audacious Asphalt, Bad to the Bronze, and Tough as Taupe. The three that I got from the limited edition collection are Test My Teal, Fuchsia Fever and Ready Set Green.

As far as color pay off, the Painted Purple and Pomegranate Punk are kind of disappointing because they are really sheer. But again, they are still really nice as bases.

Have you used these? What do you think about them? I’d love to know your opinion!


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