Life as I know it

Things I Suck At…

I had recently watched a Jenna Marbles video on things that she sucks at….

So this got me thinking… what do I suck at? Well here is my list my friends…

1. Drawing

Yes… that is in fact an elephant riding a skateboard, don’t be mad at my non-skills. Probably why I will never go to an actual art school. lol.

2. Putting away laundry. I will wash it… I will fold it… but lord help me, PUTTING it AWAY never happens. Seriously… I did laundry today, put my husband’s clothes away but left all my clothes folded on our bed.

3. Taking vitamins. Apparently doing something every morning/day is not something that I will allow.

4. Getting an exact amount at the gas pump. Never ever do I get $25… it’s always $25.01.

5. Dancing. It’s like when I quit cheerleading in high school, my rhythm left me as well.

6. Reading a book in less than a week. Seriously… it takes me far too long to read anything. I get a little too preoccupied in everything else.

7. Sports. Name them all and I suck at them all.

8. Remembering people’s names. Unless I see and work with them everyday… I won’t remember your name. However we’ve had a jewelry merchandiser for a while now and I can never remember her name. Sorry if you somehow read this.

9. Asked my husband, he said I suck at not going to the doctor when something is wrong with me. Doctors are nothing but bad news ALL the time. Just ask my sister. lol.

10. Drinking. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink often, but after one glass of wine I feel all warm inside and then stop.

11. Blogging… or better yet, keeping up with my blogs. lol. This my friends is pretty obvious.

So what do you suck at? I’m sure there are far more things that I suck at but these are the ones that pop into my head at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Things I Suck At…

    1. Well I am surely glad to help! I’ve been super slacking on my blog as well. Got a few things lined up and hopefully I can keep track. I need to bring a notebook with me around again because that is what helped me blog the most. :/ I just hope you keep up with yours!

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