Stop Talking and Just DO IT!

You guys have seen my posts about working out and trying to get better at it. Well lord knows I’ve fallen heavily off of the wagon and can not believe it when I see how much I weigh on the scale. It’s a number that makes my heart hurt… literally because of all the weight that I have put on, I know my heart is hurting.

I think right now, the biggest turning point has been the fact that I have been pretty sick for the past two weeks. Normally I could get over a cold in a couple of days but lately it seems to have stuck with me. I contribute this to my less than desirable eating habits and nonexistent workouts. Being healthy has never really been on my radar. I suppose it was never about being healthy as it was about being skinny. I mean, hell my sister is skinny and gorgeous I always thought… why can’t that be me?

But the more I sit here… while drinking my sweet tea from Dunkin Donuts, I realized more than ever that it was never being healthy that I wanted… it was being skinny and let’s face it… I was never that girl. Growing up even at my healthiest weight, I was still bigger than all the other girls. It is just the way my body was built and I have to remember that. No one is the same. Our bodies are OUR bodies. I can’t look like the models in the magazines but I can look like a better version of myself.

I know it is the holidays and everyone says that it is okay to put on a few extra pounds but I think that will be even more motivation to lose the weight. Consider it an early New Year’s Resolution.

Here’s to hoping I can stick with it. Because like the photo above says, right now it is one of the few things in my life I can change. I might even do a weekly wrap up of the workouts, so that I can keep track of it on here and hold me accountable. I haven’t thought all of that out… but something will come from it.

I love the Tone It Up girls, so I might post something with their workouts on it. We shall see. Going back onto their site has been my main motivation to get back onto the wagon and start feeling better about myself.

Nothing is worse than looking into my closet and seeing all those clothes that I’ve bought over the months, knowing that I can’t fit them. Because one… I’m stubborn and refuse to buy my clothes any larger than they already are and two… All of those clothes still have the tags on them. No need to have them go to waste now. As a co-worker once said, “Don’t complain about the clothes being too small in stores, when you have every opportunity to make yourself smaller.” [Which she has every single right to say this since she was plus size once and lost the weight because she couldn’t ever find clothes that would fit her. So GO HER!]

So excuses are just that and there will be no more of it. I promised my husband that I would go to the gym at least three times a week. And as much as I don’t want to… the “before” picture will be taken so that I can use it as my motivation! I’m hoping that this will be the last time I write this type of post because I’m tired of avoiding mirrors… and window shopping for clothes I know I will never fit if I keep eating at this rate.

So what keeps you guys going? What gets you pumped and pushes you through a workout?


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