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For the Love of Lipgloss | Tarte

For the Love of Lipgloss
For the Love of Lipgloss

So I have gone a little lip crazy these past few weeks. What started out with the Skylark lip glosses, has turned into a full blown obsession with finding good lip products. Which is really weird because I do not normally wear anything on my lips. It was always that one thing that I never did when I was doing my makeup. Why? No idea. It never occurred to me to wear lipstick… lipgloss… nothing. So one of the purchases that I made was this Tarte lip gloss set called For the Love of Lipgloss ($32.00, Ulta). It comes with 15 maracuja lip glosses, in three different sets, you can give the whole thing as a gift for the lip gloss lover in your life or you can separate the packages and give them out that way.

As you can see, I kept them all for myself. In hopes that I actually use them. lol. The pigmentation on some of them are really great. Others… eh. Again I think I have really pigmented lips so some of the colors just end up looking like a clear gloss on me.


They are quite smooth and have a peppermint smell to them. Some are creamy and some have a little sparkle to them. They are extremely pocket size! Which in my opinion is really great because I don’t remember the last time I actually finished a lip gloss. Which is kind of funny now that I have 15 of them. Not very sticky as well. That’s another huge factor like I said in my Skylark review.


The whole tube is a little smaller than a lipstick tube.

Here are a few of my instant faves when I was trying these little gems out. In no particular order. I don’t think you can really tell a difference in my photos of the glosses on my lips. In person, they are much more noticeable. One that is not pictured that I have absolutely fallen in love with is Aline. Just a great color!


These would make a great gift to anyone that loves makeup… especially lip gloss. Or if you are like me and know that you will never get through a FULL tube of lipgloss, minis are always the way to go.

Now I got mine at Ulta, but on Ulta’s website, they don’t even have them shown. I even went to Tarte’s website and they don’t show them anymore. Hopefully, they will still have them in store if you decide to get these. For the price, it’s a really great deal.


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