Life as I know it

Best Christmas ever!

Well I hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope that you’ve had a fantastic day either way.

Christmas for us, me and the hubby, was really great.

We had Christmas Eve with his parents and his sister and nephew. Christmas is really for his nephew to rip into his presents. The thing he was most happy about was the popcorn machine that the grand-parents bought him. Sometimes I wonder about that kid. lol.

His parent’s got me a couple things from Bath and Body Works along with a Tommy Hilfiger purse, Ronald’s momma has good taste. 😀 Ronald got some nice long sleeve shirts and an Old Spice set with body wash and body spray with deodrant and the works.

Tommy Hilfiger

It was a nice relaxing morning and then that night I had to go to work. Which wasn’t too bad.

Christmas morning we ended up spending the day watching Austin, our nephew’s Christmas puppy and then headed over to my parents for some delicious dinner and gift exchange.

He loves to sleep under the couch, he's going to be very upset when he gets too big to fit underneath there.
He loves to sleep under the couch, he’s going to be very upset when he gets too big to fit underneath there.

My parent’s and I got Ronald season one through four of Clone Wars, because he is a big ol’ nerd. lol. Then my parent’s also got him a bottle of Crown because Ronald doesn’t drink wine, and that’s what my parents got everyone for Christmas. lol. My sister got him a gift card to Best Buy and some body wash from Bath and Body Works. Which we joke all the time that everyone must think he smells because that is what everyone in our families gets him. Which is evident because of what his parent’s also got him.

My parent’s got me a Food Saver with a ton of extras, like containers and jars. Yes, that is what I asked for. Apparently I asked for an old lady gift, but my parent’s now want one as well because of all the things that the Food Saver can do.

My parent’s then out did themselves because they made me and the husband a really sweet gift basket. They filled it with a big bag of cotton balls, two Arm & Hammer Spinbrushes, a value pack of toothpaste, Schick Hydro 5 for the hubby and the Schick Quattro for me, Sally Hansen Hair Remover wax strip kit (not sure what my mom was trying to say here), Biore Deep Cleaning Pore Strips, two different shave gels for me and two shave gels for the husband, two Old Spice deodorants for the husband and then two Arrid deodorants for me, nail polish remover, two 33.8 fl oz of mouthwash, Oral B floss picks, cotton swabs, two things of feminine products and finally Simple exfoliating facial wipes.


Seriously… we don’t have to shop for any of these things for a long while and I’m pretty excited about it because there definitely were a few of these things that I was going to have to buy in a week or so anyway. It was probably one of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts. My mom said that my dad wasn’t sure we would like it, but I have to say it was great. I would have been excited about that if it was my only gift from them. lol.

My sister out did herself as well. I had asked her before Christmas what she got me and of course she never told me, but she did say it was something that I would never buy myself. Uhm… yeah that could have been anything. What she got me was something that I definitely wouldn’t have had the money to buy and probably would never justify the purchase so she was definitely right. lol. She got me a berry and taupe Coach clutch. So gorgeous, I don’t know if I can actually bring myself to use for fear of ruining it. She also got me a really cute infinity scarf, which with me will always be a huge hit.


The husband and I didn’t really buy much for one another. We went out and bought our gifts while we were together. He got a really nice jacket from Buckle and he got me some really super cute Roxy boots and a cute gold necklace from PacSun. He also got me a pretty sweet Doctor Who travelers mug and then he got me a complete sushi making kit, which was supposed to be a gag gift but I actually really love it. I’m trying to broaden my sushi horizons even though I still will only eat Philidephia rolls. lol. I had bought him a jacket for Christmas but have to return it because it had weird fake pockets, and as my husband says, he needs real pockets! lol. So maybe I can find something else for him in the next few weeks to make up for all the stuff he bought me.


I got sister a really cute clutch from Target along with a gift card also from Target. I got an inspirational canvas for her as well that says “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” I wasn’t sure if it would be a gift that she would like but I know that sometimes it’s hard to listen to yourself and know what is right for you. So I thought a daily reminder would help. lol.

As for my parents, I actually had been working on a little project all year. I got a window pane and some shutters and spray painted them. I put photos inside of the window pane and then I made some cute photo holders with candlesticks and picture frames. I swirled paint in some bottles and I found a cute block letter thing from Ross that said family on it. I wanted to hang it up for them but I ran out of time. I couldn’t gauge on if they liked it or not. I hope that they do because I’ve been wanting to make that for them for a while now. Plus we don’t have many current pictures of us around the house so I thought it would be kind of nice to have something that we can constantly keep replacing the photos every year and have it in the main room for guests to see. (I will take a photo of this and show you guys once they get it hung up!)

It was a great successful Christmas. It was amazing food with laughter and wine. The little things in life. 😀

Black Kitty decided to take a nap in one of the boxes that a gift was in. lol.
Black Kitty decided to take a nap in one of the boxes that a gift was in. lol.

The husband and I have decided on a new tradition for next year because of the Christmas Jars book, we’ve decided to start saving money in a jar. One will be for us to use as Christmas money for ourselves so that we’re not all worried about spending money or even spending money that we don’t have. And then the second will be for someone else, because the Christmas Jars book really affected me which I’m sure was his intent when he wrote it.  Effective immediately I want to start doing this for someone else. 😀 I’m not sure how we will do it but you can be sure someone in need will get this great little gift that started with us just reading a book for book club!

Black Kitty again... in yet another box sleeping. He's a sushi kitty.
Black Kitty again… in yet another box sleeping. He’s a sushi kitty.

So we’re working our way into a new year and I’m hoping to get in a lot more blogging done. With Christmas season passed us (by the way I’m totally bummed that when I turned on the radio and didn’t hear Christmas music playing, my heart hurt a little. I really do love this time of year.) I will hopefully actually have time to blog it up and read more and do all the things that I want to do for this blog. Time is a sensitive subject and I’m hoping to get more of it! Along with all the working out and such for a better and healthier New Year!

** I want to just say this post isn’t to “brag” about what I got. I was really surprised at a lot of my gifts and wasn’t expecting them, especially the expensive things that my family members got me. So if you think my intent was to brag, it wasn’t. I like to know what people got for their gifts as well… call me nosey if you will. lol. But I know others are that way… trust me I’ve seen the youtube videos. Hahaha. **

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