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Project 10 Pan 2012 Fail

Project Ten Pan copy

Now my intent for Project Ten Pan, if you have never heard of it, was to use up ten WHOLE products and after ten products are used up… I could allow myself to buy ONE new makeup or bath or hair item. Wow… that was a total fail.

I do believe I acquired much much more than I had actually used up. Which is pretty evident considering my “makeup reviews” and the list of makeup used that didn’t really make it to ten products.

To be completely fair, I did not start project ten pan until February 22, 2012… so technically I could give myself another two months but honestly… there are a TON of awesome new products that are coming out soon so I know I probably will not use up much by February. The good news is that I will starting a new Project Ten Pan in 2013! Hopefully I will have much more success next year, come on two days!

Never fear, I have quite the scheme to start going through this insane amount of makeup starting tomorrow. So let’s say I’m giving myself a head start…. because let’s face it… I need it!

Tell me makeup fanatics, will you be doing a project ten pan as well?


4 thoughts on “Project 10 Pan 2012 Fail

  1. “Let’s face it…” haha get it 😉 Well, I did acquire a ‘few’ new pieces, but your project did encourage me to try to finish what I already had up. The end result is mainly that I use the same eye shadow look just about every day, but I can see the bottom!

    I am going to try to keep it up, using what I have first before buying new, well most of the time 🙂

    1. Yeah that was my intent as well just having the same makeup look everyday, but then I got bored with it. lol. This year I’ve really got to step up my game purely for the fact that I actually bought quite a few multiples of like lipsticks and stuff that were marked down. I mean really who needs four of one lipstick, WHILE KNOWING that I never wear lipstick. lol. 2013 is going to be a long year of makeup wearing. Hahahaha. I just love it so much I know I can not stop buying it. Especially since most of the stuff I get is limited edition colors and such.

    1. Thanks! I have good feelings about this year. For starters, I actually started in January. lol. I loved reading your posts on your blog! I feel just like you sometimes, if there are some great deals… I always end up buying stuff. Not that I need them but I mean really… if there is an eye shadow quad that normally costs $8 and Big Lots has it for $1.50… I’m sorry but it goes in my purchase cart. 😀

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