Life as I know it

New Year Resolu…

Yeah, let’s not even go there. We all know that New Year Resolutions have a way of failing miserably. So let’s just talk about what I hope I can accomplish this year. lol. Of course, like every year and pretty much every month, I want to make the commitment to myself to become a healthierhappier me. Which hopefully means new job opportunities and just trying to not let things get me down.

And we all know what the “healthier” me will consist of. We’re done with our busy season at work, so I should have more time to commit to making myself more fit. Again, no more excuses… unless they are pretty legit. lol. But my parent’s bought me a bomb ass Food Saver, so I definitely want to put that thing to use. And we’re heading into bathing suit season again, so it’s time to get rid of the love handles!

I have realized how much I don’t use my camera anymore. So I definitely want to make the effort to photograph more. I believe in 2011, I tried my hardest to do a 365 photo challenge and failed horrendously at it. So I don’t want to try that again. But I do want to make the effort on my days off to go and shoot. Mainly because I feel more like me when I have a camera in my hand, and if I want to be a happier me… that means I need photography in my life. I think that is why I haven’t felt like myself these past few months. So if anyone wants photos taken, I’m sure I can become available. lol.

Definitely want to blog more. Not so much with Music Mondays or book reviews or even makeup reviews. I’ve kind of gone the opposite direction of how I want my blog to be. So I definitely want to get back to just writing whatever the hell I want. It could get me into trouble, but what kind of life would I be living if I just kept things to myself. Probably a very secure and non-threatening life. 😀

So there you go guys… I hope that I can accomplish most of this stuff. I mean it’s not something that is absolutely ridiculous. It’s just about gyming it up when I should… carrying my camera with me at all times… not letting life get me down… and blogging more. Easy Peasy!

So what do you plan to accomplish this year?


2 thoughts on “New Year Resolu…

  1. Take more pictures!!! I have a photo sharing group in FB – friend me and I will add you to it. Lots of former students in it. Great way to get motivated to take more pictures and get feedback! Happy New year!!!

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