Life as I know it

Say It Ain’t SO!

DSC_0041 copyI’m not a fan of when this happens. My husband likes to think that it happens often but I can tell you that it is certainly not completely true. But I think for once, that man might be right about it. I do believe I have too many shoes.

I know girls. Gasping is probably the correct reaction. I was just sitting here… thinking about how much I need to clean out my closet and to just move things around and then I really look at what’s in my closet. Ummm… I have more shoes than I have clothes. That my friends is a problem!

So looking at this photo you see my shoe organizer… that has some formal shoes to just casual wedges and then a ton of flats. On the floor are some boots and my everyday New Balance shoes.

In the clear bins to the left, five of bins are filled with sandals and then the very top have a pair of high heels… then the very top bag on top of that leaning tower of shoes is a pair of riding boots that have yet to make it out of the Old Navy bag.

But this is not the end of it my friends.

DSC_0043 copy

Then there are my high heels and wedges at the very top of my closet. Nicely stacked in clear bins to avoid more dust getting on them.

DSC_0044 copy

Then there are the Roxy boots that my husband bought me for Christmas, some random boots and my rain boots next to the heels and then right below that are a bunch of other boots. Some still in their boxes. It’s a bit of over kill.

DSC_0045 copy

And trust me when I say this because it is completely true, but I hate it when my husband is right. This gal has got to stop with the buying of shoes. Half of them… if not all are hardly worn because we really don’t go out that often for me to justify pulling them out of my boxes.

But really. Does a girl really need this many shoes/heels/boots/sandals?

Honest answer is no… but the girl in me is saying “DUH of course there is always reason to have this many shoes!” What if I go to a fancy dinner with friends, I might need some bitchin’ heels… or what if we decide to go on an adventure, I might need heavy-duty boots! Shoes, heels, and boots for all occasions… now when are those occasions going to pop up before my husband makes me give all of these away for not wearing them! lol.

Sorry 2013, I think this is the year where I will be saying “No more shoes!”

The good news though is that I finally cleaned my closet… only took me about three and a half weeks of thinking and talking about it for it to actually happen. So there is the positive side to this.


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