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Budget Me This!


So as some of you might have guessed… I spend a lot of money on things that I probably could do without… hence my last post about my husband being right about me having too many shoes.

So we decided that it was time that we started a budget and actually stick to it. Now we’ve done this before and it failed miserably… each and every time. Mostly because I’m a spend-a-holic and I like to make it rain on cashiers heads in Target. lol. Either way, we decided it was time to find out where our money was going and how it really needed to be spent.

The first website that my husband found was, which is the photo above. We downloaded the trail version which is 34 days and I can already tell you… I’m in love with this program. It is so easy to use and really convenient.

If you know basic accounting methods, that is all this really is. Which is funny because I’ve taken accounting classes… you would think I would know a little bit about handling money. lol. But I digress… you could easily do the same thing on Excel, but honestly I feel like that might be a bit harder. So why not make things easier on ourselves. Already, looking at what needs to be paid for the rest of January, we’ve already got an available balance for next months bills, which is great!

Another way to look at it is it’s like balancing your checkbook! No more “Oh! We have extra money, let’s buy this!” Now it will be “Oh! We have extra money!! Let’s see where that money can be used to pay down some debt!”

Now the hard part is going to be actually following the budget INSTEAD of our bank account! This is where it will get a little tricky because we live paycheck to paycheck right now so we are constantly thinking about what’s in our bank account.

I think this will be good for us in the long run. I’m already telling my husband we need to purchase the full software, but we will see if this helps us for the 34 days that we have it.

I know, we could easily do all of this on pen and paper, but we live in a tech savvy world. We’re constantly on our phones and computers, so it will be easy to just input everything we need and go about our day.

Have I sold you on this program yet? lol.

Do you use a similar program or do you use YNAB? If so, what’s your experience been with budgeting?


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