Life as I know it

Already Broken My First Rule of 2013

Well hello my friends. On January seventh of two thousand thirteen, I, Christina, had made a post saying that this year… I would not buy anymore shoes. In four days after that post, I went to Target… just to look around mind you. Which is what every girl says when they go to Target and then they end up spending $400 on shit they weren’t “expecting” to buy. lol.

And I ended up buying these…



Which I have been eyeing these for weeks now! WAY before I made that post about not buying anymore shoes. lol. When the whole sneaker wedge style came out I thought, Why? Why would people buy these things? Then the more I saw them and actually put them on, OMG! So comfortable and cute!

But I didn’t stop there.

I even bought these…



Which I completely wasn’t sure if I wanted to get these. Even though, I do love the fact that there’s Velcro! I even told one of my co-workers that I wish I had Velcro on my regular tennis shoes because I hate having to bend over and tie my shoes. lol. Lazy much? Yes. Again, I still wasn’t sure until I actually put them on. I could wear them for hours! Not to mention they were on clearance for $11.98!

So now that I’ve gotten the things that I’ve been eyeing for a while… here’s to hoping to don’t pick up much more. I think the smart thing to do would be to just not go to Target ever again. lol.


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