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Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set | Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Obsessive Compulsive CosmeticsSo I was supposed to post this WAY back before Christmas. Started the draft for it and never thought about it again until I was looking through my posts.

Now I became introduced to lip tars when I watched Xsparkage or Leesha’s video back in 2011. I know officially two years ago now!

Ever since, they had always been on my “To Buy” list. I know, a girl that doesn’t wear lipstick or lip balm on the daily wants to buy lip tars. Now before you get all in a tiff… there is no tar involved with these products. It’s just the name and hell… as I hear it is pretty hard to remove tar… you can expect this with these as well. They are extremely long lasting.

Now from what I know, this product is primarily used by make up artist. I don’t know any commoner, like myself, who uses these. They are great for photo shoots especially if you don’t want to have to constantly do touch ups! But for personal use you can definitely use it. I mean this stuff is amazing. And it will last you probably the rest of your life.

Now back to the product… Before Christmas, OCC was finally being sold at Sephora and! Which is great… but I still didn’t think about buying it until I found out that they had made this set! Then I was all over it… and apparently so was everyone else because every single time they would bring it up onto the site, they would sell out instantly. But little me, sat by the computer until it became available and ordered them as soon as they were.


I made swatches of all the colors. Be aware that I did use flash on these, so they appear much lighter than they really are on my skin and lips, especially stalker and vintage! This set really gives you a little bit of everything to get you started. Ranging from a neutral to a deep burgundy.

Melange is a terracotta neutral.


Grandma is a classic coral.


Pretty Boy is super rich fuchsia.

Pretty Boy

Stalker is a true blue based red.


Vintage is a deep burgundy.


These descriptions are taken from Sephora’s website but they are pretty dead on. So again, in the photos they are much lighter than in person.

Now you can wear these on their own, but one of the things that is great about this product is that you can mix the colors together to make your own color. Or even use color theory to recreate a favorite lipstick color. One of the colors that I will be looking into getting is the white, so that I can lighten up the darker shades, just because I don’t think I can pull off a dark lip. They also sell these in white, black, orange, yellow, green, and yes… blue. Again they are all about mixing and finding what is good for you. Also if you are in the photography business or any artistic venue and you want a green lip on a model. There you go!


Here I used Melange, Grandma and Vintage. Which I think makes a better color combo for my lip and skin color. You only use the tiniest bit of product. Below is the amount of product I used with every application. I mean, on your average lip brush, all it takes is the tiniest little dot to cover your entire lips. Do you believe me now that this little tubes will last you your whole life?


Individually they sell for $16.00US. I know that seems really pricey but for the fact that you will be using this product for a very long time. I think it is worth the money. If you are a makeup artist, these should be a staple in your makeup kit. I wish I had bought these for my wedding like I told myself to do.

They have a peppermint scent… taste I can not remember if it had a taste. [I’d try it now but I’ve been sick and have no smell or taste right now.] You will have to use a lip liner because sometimes it will bleed into the little lines around your mouth. Other than that. No problems.

They are constantly coming out with new colors and I do believe they just released a new Metallic finish. Click below if you want to see what those look like. They do offer all of the colors from the set individually. Here’s to hoping that this year to make a whole new set!


If you love makeup and lip stuff… I’m telling you, YOU WILL NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. lol. Unless, you are allergic to their ingredients, then I don’t recommend you wearing them because some strange Asian lady on a blog told you you had to have them. Otherwise have I sold you yet? No? Go to or go to their website OCC Makeup and check them out for yourself if you have never tried them. Do youtube searches on Lip Tars as well… Beauty Guru’s will give you the low down!


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