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Smoky Eye Look | Cover Girl

DSC_0084 copy

So recently on one of my little searches at Big Lots to find some good deals on makeup that they have every now and again. I came across this little “kit” of how to create a smoky eye. I wasn’t so much interested in making the smoky eye as I was just the fact that this was a WHOLE $8! I know… I know! What about Project Ten Pan?! What about using up your products like you said you would… Yes I’m a weak human being. When I find a great deal… I usually don’t pass it up.

… what do you want from me people? lol.

This is the cover inside when you open the kit.

DSC_0085 copy

DSC_0086 copy

DSC_0088 copy

You have to admit, this is a pretty darn cool thing to see. They had others, one was a dark smoky eye… which I have plenty of black eyeliner and mascara to create that on my own. It came also with the black and silver shade stick, which I find no use for as I don’t wear looks like that because I feel like I have really small eyes and that would just make them look smaller. Then they had another that had Queen Latifah on it, I want to say that one was about lips. I recall seeing a lipgloss… that’s about it that I can remember from that kit… so sue me.

DSC_0090 copy

So let’s think about this for a minute.

DSC_0091 copy

This mascara retails for $8.79 at CVS just on it’s own. Okay… do the math… I’ll wait… Yes, for eight of those dollars… you get two added items to that one mascara! Craziness! I’ve used the Lash Blast before, it wasn’t my favorite but it wasn’t horrible. I think I can make do with it. I’m working through three mascaras right now just for Project Ten Pan, so this will be put on the back burner for now.

DSC_0094 copy

This shade stick… $8.49 at CVS! I think this is what I was more interested in having because I’ve heard some good things about these and really wanted to try it, but not pay almost $9 for it. So win – win right? I have got some serious oily lids, so I’m hoping that this will hold up. If anything, it will make a great base for shadows!

DSC_0092 copy

The Line Exact retails at Walmart for $5.97. Not bad… but still better because you still get added stuff for only $2.03 more! I’m not exactly sure I’m going to love the Line Exact only because I don’t really wear brown liner, but it will come in handy during the day at work when I’m in a hurry and don’t feel like sharpening a pencil or something. I’ve got to get the hang of using it because it can come off really streaky the first time I applied it.

I know, I went against Project Ten Pan… but sometimes you just have to do what calls to you. lol. Just a tiny update on Project Ten Pan… I have in fact used up one hair care product. It was really easy since I was almost done with it anyway. But I think once I get a few more products used up I will do kind of an empties post, just so you guys don’t think I’m a liar. Hahaha.

What great deals have you come across?


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