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A Present… for Me?!


My birthday was about two weeks ago, and since we went to the museum for my birthday there really weren’t any gifts involved. I decided to gift myself for making it another year older… hey some of us need that kind of motivation… lol not really but I thought since I really didn’t want the husband to buy me anything or really my parents, I thought I would just get me a little something something to celebrate with.

So one of the things that I love about Sephora is that whenever it’s your birthday month, they always have little minis to give to you for your birthday! How awesome is that?!

So one of the ones that I was dying to try was the Fresh Sugar lip treatments. I have never tried them before and what better way to try them and see if you like them than with getting little minis to test out.

IMG_0662 copy

I’m actually wearing the regular mini Sugar lip Treatment and it feels nice. I have really chapped lips right  now, so it feels a little gritty… I attribute that to my disgusting peeling lips. The smell of regular one which is in the reddish tube… smells kind of citrus-y. I can’t be for sure. I’m a little stuffy right now. So it could be my senses messing with me. The Sugar Rose does give you a bit of a tint on your lips, so that it really nice for just a little bit of a splash of color.

Julep Box

Julep is another brand that I have been wanting to try. I get spammed by Facebook all the time with their ads, so I thought why not? I have gone through reviews and a ton of people love their polishes, with a slight few who don’t get the hype… and have even said they aren’t weird nail polish people like I am.

They are four free, so the polishes themselves don’t have formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, Toluene, and DBP. So they are toxin free. Which is really great!

But anyway, like I wanted to try them out before subscribing to their monthly product box called Julep Mavens. Well I ended up jumping the gun. Right after I had ordered these for myself… I went ahead and subscribed… even got the February Mystery Box! I know… I’ve got a nail polish problem. I’d like to think I could blame my best friend Elizabeth because I know she loves nail polish just as much as I do… but it might still be a problem. lol

Back to the product… I’ve never read the 50 Shades of Grey series… probably never will. But I got their little tribute to the book because one single nail polish is $14.99! So you get three for $26. I couldn’t pass that up.

Dendrie is a crème color. Went on really smooth. Just a nice light gray color.

Kim is a nice black shimmer. This one I had the worse trouble with. I like my nail polish colors to be pretty opaque and this one was not working with me. It might have been the color wheel I was using because sometimes if there is residue on the color wheel it will mess with how to transfers onto the nail. I don’t know… after the fourth coat I figured that was about it for my patience.

Lastly is Harley, which obviously is a nice silver. It looks like this one would be great just with one coat and then a top coat. Really opaque. Went on really smooth.

instagramI have some that are somewhat similar to Kim and Harley. Dendrie is just a really nice light gray color. I think that one might get some good use. Now as far as the wear… I couldn’t tell you because I just got these yesterday.

My nails actually look like that ——->

Happy Valentine’s day. Hahaha. Which I think I am going to keep this nail look for the rest of February minus the Whirled Away that is on my thumb… I was just testing out that polish. I used China Glaze Igniting Love, Whirled Away on top of my thumb. The little pink heart was made with the L.A. Colors Art Deco polish and the glitter on my ring finger was also from L.A. Colors.

So I haven’t had the chance to really try the Julep polishes… I just got an email today saying that my intro kit for the Julep Mavens was shipped out today, so I should be getting that soon. And more than likely my Mystery Box will be probably shipped out next week. I’ll definitely have plenty of polishes to test out after February and let you guys know whether or not I dig them. 😀

But yeah that was my little present to myself. More presents on the way from Julep and I’ll probably do a run down of how the Maven monthly box works in case some of you might be interested.


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