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Why I Deleted My Instagram… Only to Join It Back.

One of the things that we’ve learned in our photography classes is to read the fine print. Instagram was bought out by Facebook which meant new privacy terms. Eck. I get really worried when I hear “Oh we have the right to use your photos…” Which if you think about it… you are using a FREE product, they have to do something right? Anywaaaay… everything was pretty blown up over the new wording of how they were going to use our info and photos. I don’t even remember what it was all about at this point.

561759_10151394413638805_1954121718_nNot going to lie… I freaked a bit. As a photographer we get ripped off a LOT. I’ve had friends email me saying hey I downloaded your photo and tried to make it my background on my computer and it’s all pixeled. FYI… we do that for a reason, so that situations where you “thought” you could just take my photos without my permission won’t happen. I mean really people… as easy as it was that you just downloaded it without my permission, you could just ask I MIGHT give you the file to use within limitation.

Anyway… so they gave you an amount of time to close your account and you wouldn’t be counted towards the whole agreement thing. So I deleted mine. I hated it. I hated that I didn’t have my handy dandy instagram app to play around with. I don’t carry my Cannon everywhere I go… it’s too bulky and too heavy to just carry around in my purse. I already have my phone on me at all times. So I downloaded some other photography gadgets on my phone but it just wasn’t the same. I loved discovering other people’s photos. Seeing what they are seeing and doing on a day to day basis.

Who doesn’t like to see other people like your photo… people you don’t even know! It gives you a good feeling. At least it does for me.

563439_10151393889323805_1885539353_nSo I caved. I rejoined the instagram community. I HAD TO. It’s my way of doing photography every day. It’s my way of taking pictures and not losing what I’ve come to love.

Not to mention… who wouldn’t want to see a thousand pictures of our cats sleeping?! Seriously… how precious are they?

And I highly doubt they would use any of my photos on their ads or anything like that.

My only problem with instagram now is that there are a ton of photos on there that you can clearly tell are from the internet. That kind of defeats the purpose of instagram, don’t you think people?

But I’m back and posting more photos that I probably should in one day.

If you would like to follow me on instagram my username is: ctaylor81

Hit me up and I just may follow you in return!


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