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Julep Maven Intro Box Unboxing

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So pretty recently I have been eyeing an ad that kept popping up on my Facebook for Julep nail polishes. I’ve never heard people mention them… especially beauty gurus that I’ve been following for years. I youtubed Julep Mavens and quite a few vlogs and reviews popped up. Lots of people were either on the fence or completely in love with Julep. Being a nail polish addict, I had to be a part of it. It is a $19.99 monthly subscription box and you get anything from nail polish, cuticle oil and hand cream. Anything that nourishes your hands and feet really.

So one of the things that you do is you take a personality quiz, it’s just like all these other subscription boxes that have been floating around lately. You can be Boho Glam, Bomshell, Classic with a Twist, It Girl and American Beauty. However, they just released that they will be replacing American Beauty with Modern Beauty because they are starting to lean more towards the cosmetic and skincare with that type of box. I placed in the “It Girl” category, and one of the great things is that even if you place in a certain group after the quiz, you are not stuck with that particular box every month. You get the option of getting any of the boxes. So if for whatever reason you don’t like what is in your current box, you can choose a different box or you can just skip for the month. As easy as that. You are not under contract either, so if this subscription box isn’t for you, all you have to do is call them and cancel. No fees attached.

I actually received my first box about two weeks ago and this what I got!

DSC_0007 copy

DSC_0008 copy

Apparently they like to include little freebie stuff. So along with my intro box, I got a Daylight Defense lip balm with SPF 15, always useful!

Daylight Defense

DSC_0014 copy

These are the three colors that I received for my intro box. One of the cool things about Julep nail polishes is that they are four free, which means that they do not have toxins in their polishes. So they are free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. A+ for that!


Yeah don’t mind my huge finger print on the bottle. lol. Leah is described as a vivid and refreshing grass green with a hint of shimmer.


Melissa is described as sheer opalescent shimmer. I think this will look great over Leah!


Leslie is black and silver specked shimmer

They are quite beautiful in coloring. I personally don’t have any of these colors in my current collection. The only problem I had was with Leslie. It was just really streaky. I don’t know if it was because of my nail color wheel because I noticed that when I applied the nail polish it sort of gathered until I kept moving the brush through it to put more color down. So it could have been the color wheel or it could have been the formula for this color. If you look at the photo of all three bottles, Leslie really is just a beautiful black with shimmer. I hope that it isn’t completely streaky when applied to real nails.

Another cool thing is that you can do up to three add-ons to your box when you checkout. I definitely took advantage of that since the add-ons were only $4.99! Now let’s look at this, a normal price for Julep is $14.99… Maven’s get a discount and we only pay $11.20. Being able to get three more polishes for the price of $4.99/polish is a great deal! So I picked up these three:

DSC_0027 copy

I think these will be great spring/summer colors.


Eva which is from one of the Bomshell collections is a raspberry crème.


Blake is from one of the Boho Glam collections is a butter yellow crème. Unfortunately for me, mine had bent hairs on the brush, so the application is really streaky. You can’t see it in the photo, but it was so terrible. If it weren’t for the bent hairs, I think I would have been more in love with this color.

DSC_0035 copy


Stella is another Boho Glam color. It is described as a mustard yellow crème… I don’t see a mustard yellow. It’s more orange to me, but what do I know. Hahaha.

They are really nice. I know some people might see this as a downfall but they are quite small as far as how much nail polish actually comes in the bottles. If you take a Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure bottle which has 0.5 fl oz [which is normal for most nail polishes]… the Julep bottle only has 0.27 fl oz. It’s about half of a difference in the bottles, now if you are like me that isn’t a problem. I rarely go through a full bottle of nail polish. I have yet to get about half way through any bottles of my polishes. I think I used about not even a quarter of my China Glaze Igniting Love nail polish and that is only because I wore it all throughout February and colored a whole color wheel so that I could see what kind of designs I wanted to do on top of that color. So I know I won’t go through a whole bottle. But that could be a huge deal breaker for some.

If you are a nail polish lover, what do you have to lose? If you are interested in trying this subscription box, I am going to provide my referral link:

Not everyone is going to love this program. Some people might not think that $20 a month for nail polishes is not worth it but trust me when I say, I could spend easily more than that a month. I’ve completely stopped buying outside nail polishes, unless there is one that I absolutely need to have. Not to mention, it’s a nice gift to myself. And if I just don’t have the money for it the next month or I don’t like any of the colors that they have for the month, all I have to do is skip the month. You don’t get charged for any of it.

They also have a cool thing where they give out “Golden Boxes.” Which I believe if you receive a Golden Box you receive all of the nail polishes and skincare boxes from the month! In the month of March they are giving away TWICE as many Golden Boxes… I sure hope I’m one of the lucky people! 😀 Another neat thing that they do is for certain seasons and promotions they sell mystery boxes! Who doesn’t get excited whenever there is a mystery box? lol. They had a February Cupid’s Mystery box, which I did purchase for $19.99 and I will have another post up with what I got in that box soon.

Have I convinced you yet? How about if I told you, you could get your first box for free? I’ve seen a promo code floating around and hopefully it still works but if you put FREEBOX into the promo section you could get your first box for FREE! I actually got my first box for a penny, with the promo code PENNY.  Use those codes and you could pay next to nothing for your first box. If you aren’t impressed with the quality of the nail polishes when you get them, call and cancel your subscription. As easy as pie. 😀

Again my referral link is:, sign up!

I was not in any way paid for this post. All items were purchased by me with my own money and my opinions were not influenced by anyone from

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