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Cupid’s Mystery Box | Julep Unboxing


I told you I had another unboxing! This one is actually pretty late in the game considering that Valentine’s Day was over a week ago but it’s still fun to see what goodies came in the Cupid’s Mystery Box that they were selling for $19.99! I personally love that they do boxes like this. I always love the surprise of what is in the box when it arrives! As you can see above we got four nail polish colors and a lip gloss AND a coupon code for a free nail polish! WHAT?! 😀



Petra is from the Boho Glam collection and is a cranberry magenta with silver shimmer.


Carrie is from the Bomshell collection and is a classic cotton candy crème pink.


Maria is from the American Beauty collection and is a shimmering platinum rose. LOOOOVE this one!


Morgan is another polish from the Bomshell collection and is a frosty grape purple shimmer. This one I didn’t really fit the whole Valentine’s Day polish theme. But it’s whatevs.

Descriptions of nail colors taken from

These are definitely the perfect colors for Valentine’s Day with the exception of Morgan and I wish I had done this little unboxing stuff a little earlier so that I could have worn them on Valentine’s Day but I digress.

Also with the polishes came a lip gloss.Camellia

There was no description given for Camellia, but it is a just a classic pink gloss with a slight silver shimmer. It’s not sticky like most lip glosses are. It’s super smooth and moisturizing. As you can tell from the picture above it has a brush tip. It’s not something that is OMG you have to have it, but its not bad either.

I was pretty excited with the things I got. Note to self, don’t go trolling on instagram to see what everyone else got, because for the most part it was all the same. lol. I think some people actually ended up with five nail polishes instead of the lip gloss. But hey I get a free nail color! 😀 So that’s a bonus right?

I don’t think I mentioned this on my last post but one of the cool things about Julep is that the company was made for “girlfriends” as they say. So they take percentages of every sale and donate money to lots of charities that are for women. That in itself is pretty awesome because who doesn’t love a company that looks to empower and help other women. You gotta love it.

Again here is my referral link if you decide you want to take the risk and join. If you are a nail lover, you might enjoy this subscription box.

Get your first box for free with the coupon code FREEBOX


2 thoughts on “Cupid’s Mystery Box | Julep Unboxing

    1. Yeah, I kind of went a little crazy with the whole Julep thing because I’ve been making myself purposely avoid all drugstores with make up. lol. I just got my March box and their secret store stuff, and I think I’m done with Julep. It’s a great program but not something that I can do every month. So for the next couple of months I will be skipping. It’s going to be hard but I’ve got things to use up! 😀

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