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Still Afraid of the Dark

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I haven’t done one of these in a while but I figured I’d start off with this one because its really apparent whenever my husband goes out of town and I’m left in the house by myself. Now I’m not necessarily afraid of the darkness… it’s what could possibly be lurking in the dark that terrifies me!

b9280304b029541a971f927122ea5fc1I am that person that when I go to the bathroom, I move the shower curtain to make sure there’s nothing in the bathroom… although, since we have our own bathroom in our bedroom that hasn’t been the case. But when I lived with my parents, you bet your ass I was opening the curtain just to make sure there wasn’t some serial killer hiding in there. And if I found one hiding in the shower… I have no idea what my next plan of action would be. I would think that me moving the curtain aside would somehow phase the bastard and I would get the upper hand but I don’t see that happening.

I turn on every single light in the house. So when I walk through the49d5ad3d9f979baefb11f67673b93f98 rooms of the house every single light gets turned on. And then when I’m going back to the bedroom I turn them off as I make my way back to the bedroom. Can you imagine the light show that goes on at night whenever I’m up late at night because I make a lot of trips to the kitchen, so that means that my bedroom light is already on… then the hallway light… then the living room… then the kitchen and then reverse order when I head back to the room. I’m surprised the electric bill isn’t more. Now this occurrence is really only when the husband and his family are gone. Even if other people are in the house, I still kind of do it. It’s more like bedroom… living room… kitchen. But definitely if everyone is gone… all lights have to be on. Because for whatever reason I feel like serial killers are like roaches and run and hide when the lights are turned on.

It’s stupid I know.

a9e1be76bac5b221d26afd9ca56aee2eAt night, I feel like my sense of hearing is on overdrive! Every little sound is a serial killer trying to enter the house.

It’s unnerving and pretty ridiculous, but it’s true. Once I hear a sound, the bedroom door gets locked. Overly cautious is how I play this game.

I think you are starting to understand my level of “caution-ness” that goes on when I’m left by myself.

And by caution I mean complete and total paranoia. I don’t know exactly when this whole thing started but I do know that I’ve been like this for a while. lol.

It could completely be because I watch a lot of crime tv shows. Lord knows I love me some Criminal Minds!

Funny story. Husband was gone not this past weekend but the weekend before and I was taking a shower. I always shower with Pandora playing, just to past the time. But this time I decided I would try Slacker radio. Not even sure why, but it’s on my pre-downloaded app list. So I decided why not. It’s playing Today’s Top Hits… and I’m getting my shower on and then all of a sudden, silence. I’m thinking… “Oh it might be like Pandora and randomly switching songs.” Sometimes Pandora does that on the wind. So I’m standing there… in the shower… waiting for the music to start back up and it doesn’t. I freak. In my crazy head I’m thinking, “OMG someone is using a signal scrambler so that I can’t get a signal!!” I cautiously open the shower… walk over to my phone… only to realize that Slacker Radio wanted me to register my account before it would play anymore.

Yes… I’m a paranoid freak.

So… there you go. Just another fun fact about this gal.


2 thoughts on “Still Afraid of the Dark

  1. Dude, I’m totally the same way. I watch way too many crime shows and have read way too many scary books (thanks a bunch Stephen King) and my imagination really, really likes to run away with me. Especially if it’s dark. And I’m all alone. . . I’m gonna stop thinking about this now. . .

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