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A Walk Through the Woods

Taken via Instagram. ctaylor81

So today was actual a pretty good day. I FINALLY got to do what my job title says I do at work. Was really productive and when I got off work I was pumped! I was like I’m going to the gym and get my sweat on and then I’m doing something else! Oh the possibilities!

As soon as I walked outside, I changed everything. Instead of going to the gym and getting my heart rate up with a bunch of machines, I thought that it would be a fantastic idea to go out to the trails by our house. Nothing better than fresh air, nature surrounding you and a little cardio. lol.

So I go home… eat a filling lunch… then I start to get things ready for my little hiking adventure. Comfy clothes… check! Sunscreen… check! Cell phone for tunes… check! Water… definitely checked! And of course I could not forget the most important thing for this trip… my camera. Oh yes… I busted that bad boy out! Now let me tell you, there is no better workout than walking around with an almost three and a half pound camera around your neck. Note to self, buy body sling for camera. lol. It says its three pounds… ummm it felt like I was carrying a small child around. Not fun. Never the less, I love getting out there with my camera.

So I’m getting ready, got my pack… camera around my neck and I see a couple behind me. We all just stop and look at the little board that they have posted at the opening of the trails. And we part ways… I’ve walked this trail who knows how many times. The husband and I even biked it… not with much success considering that it was mostly sand that we were riding through. Anyway, I turn around and they are gone. I guess they didn’t want to be one with nature. I don’t know. I keep going.

Taken via Instagram. ctaylor81
Taken via Instagram. ctaylor81

I don’t mind it. Me… alone with nature. I start snapping away like I normally would. In normal situations, I would seriously walk with blinders on and I don’t pay attention to anything unless it has my attention. I knew the couple wasn’t behind me anymore but something told me to turn around. I did and there were two guys making their way through the trail. For whatever reason, I somewhat panicked. This goes back to the whole paranoia I have about me being attacked and killed. I mean I got to thinking, “Okay… girl alone in the woods… a sweet $3,000 camera around my neck….” Yes only the worst possible images are coming to mind. Not to mention I’m freaking because my husband isn’t even in the same state as me.

I see them making their way towards me… I glance and watch them for a bit… me pretending that I’m messing with my camera for a better shot. They get closer and I can feel my hands start to grip my camera a little harder. I mean I was white knuckling my camera. If I had the strength of the Hulk, that thing would have been dust. They get closer to me, one of the them says “Hey how are you doing?” I say, “Doing great. How about yourself?” He says, “Just enjoying the beautiful weather we’re having right now.” They pass and they continue on their way… talking to one another.

In my head I’m thinking, “Really Christina… you thought they were going to take your things and kill you?… That dude was so damn polite!” I let them get a ways ahead of me. I clear my head and go back to shooting. I get up to a point where I would have caught up with them. Assuming they were looking at the signs and just taking the path less taken. I got to a fork in the path and something just didn’t sit right with me.

Don’t get me wrong, they were really nice guys… didn’t get the vibes that they were there to do devious things. But again, I’m a girl… alone in the woods… with really expensive camera equipment. It didn’t sit right. My stomach was just flopping around telling me just go back to the car. I ignore it for a good while. I find my favorite spot that I totally want to do a photo shoot in, just not sure people want to walk through the woods to get their picture taken. Anyway… so I’m walking around doing some close ups and I just get that feeling again. Normally I would walk the longest trail. I literally got to not even a third into the trail and I couldn’t make myself do it. I know how far in that trail goes into the forest and something was telling me to just turn around and go back to the car.

Middle of Nowhere
Taken via Instagram. ctaylor81

So I did just that. Call me a baby, but I know when to listen to my inner self. All of the trails interlock so you can start with one trail and switch to another by taking a left pretty much anywhere. I make my way back to the fork in the trail and something else tells me to take a right. By taking the right, I was walking the shortest trail so I knew that it wouldn’t take me much longer to get back to the car. I stop and do more shooting and I’m bent over and I hear something. I can’t place it… I stand up and all of a sudden I see a man on a horse. Lol. Which I’m thinking he was pretty young because right after him was a older gentleman on a horse. I had to laugh at myself. I wonder if my “instincts” have a weird glitch.

I keep following the trail. No one in front of me and no one behind me. I get to the end to where you can see the parking lot and I see a bunch of people just standing around the parking lot. Almost to the opening and they all start filing in one after the other. I instantly know that this is a class because the first man to spot me asked if I’ve seen any critters on the trails today. I reply by saying not today. He was very official looking, so I would say he was the teacher. Lol. Every single person in his class said hello to me and wished me a wonderful day. Talk about comforting. I make it to my car and I sit there and reflect about what just happened in the woods.

Was I just being paranoid? Probably.

Were those guys going to hurt me? More than likely, no.

But sometimes you just get a feeling in your gut and you have to go with it. Whether or not its wrong, and you’re not in any kind of danger… why risk it? Sometimes our bodies give us warnings that we shouldn’t ever brush off. I’ve walked through those trails many times by myself with my camera never felt like I was in danger. Today just so happened that my body and mind were telling me to just go home. I still got some amazing photos that I’m excited to go through, edit and post onto my photography blog.

Lesson learned today. Every once and while, you just got to listen to yourself.

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Saturday! I think it’s time to curl into a tiny little ball on the bed and start reading my new book for book club.


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