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March Maven Box

March "It Girl" Maven Box

So I’ve really been suckered by Julep, obviously since I’ve gotten who knows how many boxes in just two months! However, this was my first actual Maven Box and I have to say I was pretty pumped about it. The colors were gorgeous and I knew that I wanted this box because as it would have it today is the first day of Spring! 😀

DSC_0035 copy

Something ended up going wrong at Julep though and my box was sent really late. It wasn’t just me though it seemed to affect a lot of the Mavens according to all those who responded on their Facebook account. But I contacted Julep just to see what was up with my box and the representative that I talked to was awesome and assured me that my box would be shipped out the next day, and that it was!

Oh and if you don’t remember this little mishap with the weirdly bent bristles brush, they were even more awesome and sent me a brand new brush!

I’ve heard some horror stories about their customer service but I had nothing but good experiences with them. Just remember that if you email them… make sure to check your spam folder in case for whatever reason their email was put in that folder. Lol. I was about to get all crazy on them for never getting back to me and then I found their email in my spam folder… whoops. But all is good now!

Strawberry Balm

First thing that I saw in the box was a Strawberry Mint Lip Balm. I’m not particularly fond of strawberry lip anything… mainly because the faux strawberry taste is nauseating to me. Which that sounds really bad but I really just can not get over the taste and smell of strawberry lip balms. lol. Yuck! But it’s a freebie and I can’t be mad at it!

The colors of the March Maven It Girl Box were Shenae, Simone and Teri. Nail Polishes


First up is Shenae, pastel mint green opalescent shimmer. I can not get over this color! You can’t see the opalescent shimmer in the swatch because it was out of focus… my bad but it definitely is a color that I can not wait to wear! If my husband would wake up and let me get to my nail polish [his fan that he has blowing on him while he sleeps is sitting on top of my nail polish organizer… ugh!] it will definitely be the first color worn for Spring!


Next up is Simone, soft pastel lilac opalescent shimmer. The opalescent shimmer gives off a really cool blue tone. Thinking I want to put Shenae all over the nail with Simone as my accent color. You gotta love the pastels!


Lastly, is Teri, tropical coral pink crème. I see this color as being more of a summer shade, but it definitely could still work for Spring. It’s a nice transition color.

And as always they allow you three add-ons to your box and since this was the March box, I had to get the “St. Patrick’s Day” color!

Add Ons

We’re going to start left to right instead this time.


Cheers to the Irish culture with this festive kelly green and gold coin multi-dimensional, full coverage glitter. Now this color looks amazing in the bottle, I mean you can’t deny that this screams St. Patty’s Day! But when swatched I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t as smooth of an application that I was hoping to get. However, we’re talking chucky glitter here and sometimes that’s hard to achieve. It’s still gorgeous though.


Joy is a smoky mauve crème. This color reminds me of colors that my mom wears. I find that this is going to be a great warmer Spring color, and really could be worn this fall as well. Mauve colors always strike me as fall colors anyway.


And the very last of the colors, Minnie, warm pastel pink opalescent shimmer. I got Minnie because I had wished that this one came with the It Girl box instead of Teri. Just to kind of keep with the pastel opalescent colors. But hey I got it for $4.99 which isn’t bad either.

So yeah, this was March’s box and I have to say, I do love all the colors. Right now I have no color on my nails because they’ve been breaking because of work but as soon as I can get them back to good condition, Shenae and Simone will definitely be making an appearance on my nails. I’ll probably update with a photo on here so you can see.

So March’s box was supposed to be my last box because I’ve been spending a ton on nail polish and thought it was time to take a step back and just skip a few months, but I didn’t know that they do Secret Stores where collections are 50% and then the Spring Mystery box came out…. Again… they suckered me into it. So the next few posts will probably be of my Secret Store purchase and the Spring Mystery box and that will be it for a while. I already just skipped the April box so hopefully I won’t get sucked into purchasing their next mystery box. lol.

I hope you all have a fantastic first day of Spring! Go out and enjoy the fresh air… unless your allergic to pollen because the pollen counts have definitely been up! Haha! Take care!

All Maven boxes were purchased by me and opinions are my own. Descriptions of colors were taken from

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