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Shhhh! It’s a Secret Store!

I know… it’s another Julep post. When will the madness stop? Soon… don’t worry. lol.

So apparently if you purchase your box for the month, you get access to their “Secret Store,” don’t worry it’s not really a secret when everyone talks about it on their Facebook page. Anyway I wasn’t going to buy anything but of course, that has never been my strong point.

I got three different collections and the whole point of the secret store is that there are items and collections on there for 50% off.

Secret Store

First up is Berry Bliss…

Berry BlissTaylor: There is no description for Taylor on the Julep website. It comes up as blue in the photos but in real life its like a royal blue, where it’s shades of blue and purple depending on how you look at it.

Fiona: Electric lime neon green crème. Definitely neon green. If you want your nails to get noticed, this is the way to go. Shrek and Fiona anyone!?

Drew: Fabulous fuchsia crème.

This collection was on sale for $13.99.

Next up is the Spring Fling collection, which was a must considering we’re in Spring now. Although the colors look like items from the March Maven It Girl Box.

Spring Fling

Robin: Robin’s egg blue crème. Beautiful… BEAUTIFUL color!

Jennifer: Sheer soft pink crème. This is a great color for a basic French manicure.

Gloria: Coral orange crème.

This collection was also $13.99. It was a steal. I have a weakness… please don’t judge.

And the very last collection that I got was Pastel Paradise. Again, I thought it would be fitting for Spring. Another collection that mimics other Spring colors that they’ve launched but you can never have too many colors.

Pastel Paradise

Courtney: Key-lime green crème.

Sally: Antique ivory crème.

Renee: Spring lilac crème.

Georgia: Peachy micro-shimmer. It looks like Gloria… with micro shimmer. lol.

Susie: Muted mint green crème. <– color of the year. lol. Love it!

This collection was $17.99.

I will definitely be wearing a lot of these colors throughout Spring. They just scream soft girly fun! lol.

Referral link —> If you are addicted to nail polish this is always the way to go. I don’t think I’ve even looked at other nail polishes since starting this program… however this will be coming to an end at least for a few months that we’re in furlough with my husband’s job.

Have you worn Julep? Which are your favorite colors?


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