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Spring Mystery Box | Julep

Whooops, I had completely forgotten that I bought this mystery box, but here it is!


Loved the way that they packed this one. They put into a separate box instead of just the normal boxes that they ship them in. Nice bright neon colors for Spring.


Little extras that they always include… some of the little hair ties that you can totally make yourself. And yet I have not been able to find that stretchy ribbon anywhere! I digress though… lol. Little chocolate eggs, their one step polish remover pads [those will be helpful when traveling], and an emery board to fill out the little extras that they threw in there.

daylight defense

Also within the box was the Julep SPF 30 Daylight Defense for hands and face. Can’t go wrong with sunscreen. If you are worried about the scent of this stuff… there is none that I can smell. Which I think is pretty common with a lot of their stuff. I’ve used it on my hands and its not greasy [update 4/9/2013, it’s not greasy noticeable on your hands but definitely noticeable in your face] and isn’t really hard to work into your skin. I haven’t used this on my face purely for the fact that my face is pretty sensitive when it comes to new products. But since there isn’t any perfumes within it, I don’t think it would be totally irritating.


Not going to lie… was a little disappointed with the colors of the Spring Mystery Box. I was expecting something totally spring, yellows, greens, pinks, purples… kind of like the last haul of nail polishes I did. But this one you got a pink… that is pretty much identical to Eve in one of my other collections only Lauren dries matte. Camille… okay its fun but I have other polishes that are like this one. Ashley… it’s a gorgeous color but I don’t think it goes with Spring. Of course this is all my opinion.


Hot tropical pink crème.


They don’t have a description for Camille. But as you can see it’s a lot of tiny glitters. The swatch picture doesn’t do it justice but if you look at the bottle picture, you can get a better idea of how reflective and holographic it is.


Ashley also does not have a description on their site, it is a burnt orange shimmer. It’s a really gorgeous color but it doesn’t scream Spring to me. Sorry Julep.

So that was it… again it wasn’t the best box. But then again I’ve only gotten two of their mystery boxes, so it’s not like I can complain. lol.

Like always there is a link, that way ————–>
if you are interested in becoming a Julep Maven.

This is definitely the last Julep box I will be receiving for a while, purely for the fact that I have more than enough nail polishes that… some I haven’t even worn. So I’m going to start putting those to work before buying more. I guess you could say I’m going on a nail polish ban. I should be saving me and the hubs a lot of money. Hahaha.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day! If you received the Spring Mystery box from Julep, what did you think? I would love to know!


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