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Wait… Did I Miss Something?

For a long time I’ve been trying to tell myself I need to go to the gym. I’ve already missed the window to get in shape for bikini season… because here in NC, you can head to the beach and tan and shizz right now even though it’s only in the mid 70s.

59265_10151519938078805_1930920943_nSo for a while I kept telling myself you know what… I’m going to ride my bike to the gym. One, save money on gas… two, the gym is seriously right down the road… and three, the most obvious… it’s an extra work out.

It makes sense, right?! But let me tell you something… when you are as out of shape as myself, confidence was pretty low. Never the less I kept my spirits up. I told myself, I am going to do this! And it’s going to be AWESOME!

Well one of the things that I did start to worry about was the fact that I would have to cross the highway and then ride along a pretty busy road. That did not sit well with me. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t want to get hit by a car! So I was on the hunt for a helmet.

The Long Way

I put that off for a while… but I finally made myself buy one a couple days ago. And let me just say that helmets at Target are seriously over priced! Go to Walmart people…. Sorry Target, I love you but there comes a time in my life where I have to say no to some things.

I had the option between the Bell which is the top one and the Schwinn on the bottom. Can you guess which one I choose? That’s right… the pink! ūüėÄ

Yesterday¬†was my day off and I said, “Self… don’t put it off much longer… you need to get on that bike and see how long it’s going to take you to get to the gym so you can start figuring out ways to bike to the gym and also combine a workout while you’re there.

So I put on some running shorts… a random tee and my gym shoes and got to work on getting everything ready to make my way to the gym. Packed a small backpack with my keys and keycard to the gym, a blender bottle with protein powder and a bottle of coconut water. Got my helmet and then made my way to get the bike out. Well… here’s the thing… the tires were completely flat. Whoops. So Ronald’s parents found their automatic pump and filled my tires. Happy to be back on my way, I put my helmet on and just started pedaling.

Pedaling is what I did. Got pretty apprehensive when it came to the point where I had to ride across the highway. Sat there for a while, just waiting for the right time to book it across… and really it wasn’t that bad.

My super awesome husband even showed me a way to cross into another neighborhood, so that I wouldn’t have to ride on the highway road and then take another busy road to get to the gym. Anything was better than that I told myself.

So here’s something that I never want to say again but for once, I probably should have listened to my husband when it came to which roads to take. For the life of me, I was almost certain he said you’ll make a right… then a left and then just follow the road to the end and you’ll end up right at the entrance to the gym. Ummm… yeah well somewhere I missed the memo about the other left turn I was supposed to make because before I knew it was right next to another¬†highway [note where the 3 is… . WTF.] lol.

See where the one is on the picture above, the road that veers off to the left and goes directly to where the red dot is, I conveniently drew it in the color blue to help you out…. yeah that was the road I was supposed to take. Silly me. Are you guys starting to understand what happened to the chubby little Asian girl who didn’t listen to her husband?!

537986_10151521494343805_996867030_nThat means I had gone¬†a mile out of the way and still had another 3/4 mile left before I would even make it to the gym. And now I had to ride down a road where the crazies don’t do the speed limit. Talk about being terrified. But I did it… kept telling myself, just don’t stop! I cruise into the parking lot of the gym and there are bleachers that are on the field in front of the gym. I ride over and park the bike. Legs feeling like jelly and collapse on the bleachers, breathing like I’ve just done a triathlon. Sad I know.

What’s worse, the seniors had just gotten done with whatever silver sneakers workout shizz they were doing and they were all filing out of the gym and some even staring at the Asian chick with the pink helmet that looks like she’s about to totally throw up all over the place. Yeah… that’s how shitty I felt. Almost positive most of our “fit” elderly that go to our gym are more judgmental than the teens that go there. Come on now… you don’t have to point and whisper to one another, I’m completely out of earshot and I know your hearing aid is turned up all the way, let’s not make it more obvious than it already is.

I mixed the coconut water with the protein powder and chugged the crap out of it. Shaking and just feeling like death, I laid back down on the bleachers and just stayed there. Notice my view of the pretty sky. lol. Hey I even got some sun while I was at it. Maybe I won’t be the palest Filipino ever… Wishful thinking.

The Short Way

After about 20 minutes, I reapplied my sunscreen and decided it was time to try to make my way back home. And luckily I did and it was sooooo much faster than the way I went. lol.¬† —->

There are just a few things that I’ve learned on this little trip to the gym.

  1. I will only admit this once… and that is I should have listened to my husband. There… I said it.
  2. Definitely eat before trying to do any physical activity. You shouldn’t feel like hell while just doing about thirty minutes are hard pedaling. lol.
  3. NEVER try to do outside stuff during mid-day… no breeze and no cloud cover = HOT. Yes, to me 73 degrees is hot.
  4. Not everyone is as friendly as the people in our neighborhood… waving at people you don’t see in the ‘hood everyday… they will look at you like you are dirt. Just saying.
  5. Get a bigger seat if you have a big “seat.” Do you understand where I’m going with this? I have a big ass and a tiny¬†bicycle seat… so my butt hurts. lol.
  6. Wear tank tops! It will start to get really hot, and if the only way¬† I’m going to get a tan is¬†by riding my bike¬†to the gym…. going to have to suck it up and wear a tank top. Farmers tans are not cute.

Those are just a few of the things that crossed my mind as I was making my way to the gym on Wednesday. After all was said and done… honestly I felt really good. After you¬†know, the nausea faded and I could finally¬†walk without looking like I was going to fall over. So yeah… success? I think so.

As you¬†can see I used Runtastic to¬†track my speed and such. It records your calories that you burned based on your speed… this is a must have. Being able to see where I had some speed and other spots where I slowed down. Now granted some of those spots were where I hit a¬†hill going down, never the less… I kept¬†the pace rather well.¬†You can totally see where I was going uphill as well. Hahaha.

Lesson learned. Tomorrow is another day off and I was thinking, “Yeah I’m going to do it again tomorrow!” But it’s looking like thunderstorms will hit tomorrow, so I just might have to waste the gas and take the car. [sad face… not really]


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