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Quick Tip!

I know, I’ve been doing nothing but book stuff that I’ve kind of put off other things. What can I say, I finally have some time to myself to read and I’m going to take advantage of it. So no judging! 😀

The quick tip that I found is something that I had come across was Compacts and Cupcakes video about using a different towel to dry off your face when you get out of the shower. I noticed that my face was breaking out a lot more than normal but I couldn’t tell if it was because of the impending heat or because I was going through some weird hormonal crap. But using a towel just for your face didn’t appeal to me. I don’t know why. It just didn’t. Probably because it would have been one more towel to have to wash with the laundry. Nobody got time fo that!

Then I watched a video with Elle Fowler and Ingrid Nelson and they both talked about how they use the Kleenex hand towels to dry their faces after they shower. Then the light bulb hit and why didn’t I think about that smack to the forehead! So I got a roll of paper towels, stuck them in the bathroom and after my next shower dried my face with them.

[If you just want to watch the part about the hand towels start video at 4:45.]

The next day, my face was smoother than it had been and the breakouts had calmed down. Could it be? Using a paper towel to dry my face after showering actually helped clear up my face. Could it really have been that easy? The answer is apparently so. Don’t get me wrong, I still get hormonal flare ups, but they don’t stay long.

And for those who are going to cry foul over how wasteful that is, I actually hang up the used paper towel and if there is a spill or something needs to be cleaned, I just use the used towel. No harm in that.

And it makes sense, when you dry your face with a towel, all the bacteria that was on the towel will transfer to your face. I used to use my hair towel to clean my face and now that I don’t my face is smoother and clearer than ever. I didn’t change any of my facial routines such as cleansers, toners, or moisturizer.

So if you are having breakouts and you have tried everything to get rid of them… just try using a new paper towel every time you shower. Your towels could be the reason your face is breaking out.


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