Food stuff…

It’s the good stuff.

So one of the things that I have been on and off again, like everything else in my life, has been weight loss. Some days I’m all for it… other days I’m like “eh, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.” Well I haven’t been to the gym since well… probably somewhere around three weeks. I had promised the husband that I would at least go three times a week and even that didn’t happen. No motivation, no matter how much shit I pin on Pinterest!

Now we are rapidly approaching the furlough days for government employees, we’re looking at how to cut back some so that money isn’t an issue. First thing, which is what I’ve been wanting to do for a while, just never really got into making them, was the salad in a jar. I’m sure you’ve seen stuff like this.

Niki Lowry, The Daily Muse
Niki Lowry, The Daily Muse

I totally thought, through all the things I’ve seen, that you need a mason jar sealer to take out all the air to keep everything fresh. WRONG. I put this off because I thought needed an attachment for my food saver, when in reality, I didn’t need it at all. Didn’t find that out until put in an order with foodsaver.com only to find out that you can not cancel an order once you place one. Ain’t that some shit?

Week OneI grabbed the husband and we made our way to Walmart and bought some veggies with a can of chick peas and a can of kidney beans.

I went on to chopping up a head of lettuce and had a big box of spinach. I cut up grape tomatoes and put those on the bottom because you want your “wetter” items on the bottom so everything else doesn’t get soggy. Then I moved on to cucumbers and carrots… then I had put in some mushrooms because I love me some mushrooms. Well… note to self, don’t put them in between the cucumbers and whatever protein you decide to use because they will get soft and it kept weirding me out a little. So on some they are layered in between the cucumbers and chick peas, on the last five jars that we made, we actually put them in between a layer of paper towel and the lettuce/spinach so that they would stay as dry as possible.

These kept for the whole week that we had made them. They were so convenient and I would cut up a block of sharp cheddar to eat with the salad and then of course whatever salad dressing of our choice. It was a success! So this week we decided that we were going to do it again. Every Sunday, we are going to do our food prep for the week. It isn’t hard and it doesn’t take long, so there can be no excuses. And having only done this for a week, the husband is getting back to being as slim as ever… that a-hole. lol. But I can say that I did lose three pounds… so I’m well on my way.

1002091_10151626676053805_1963765655_nThis week I decided to add in my breakfast food stuff with my prep. Because I don’t want to spend a lot of time cutting up a bunch of fruit that might actually be overkill a little, our Lowe’s Food cuts up a bunch of fruit for the day and I just buy the little containers and divide the fruit up for five days. Then I buy a large container of Dannon Yogurt and filled those as well. For breakfast, I always have a container of fruit with a cup of yogurt that is topped with granola. Delicious!

Then instead of filling jars with two different things, we decided that the spinach with kidney beans tasted the best and that’s what our jars are filled with. Expect for that middle one, it was a left over jar from a lunch that I did not eat. :/ It was in the fridge for eight days, ate it today and tasted just as good as all the other ones we ate during the week.

But with these jars the bottom layer is halved grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sugar snap peas [YUM!], then the kidney beans and topped off with a ton of spinach. Instead of using canned kidney beans, I bought some to cook ourselves. It was a lot of work because I did not realize how long it actually took to cook dried beans but it wasn’t too terrible. We will probably stick with canned ones just to save time.

So we’re slowly eating better. It’s a marathon not a sprint, so we’re taking it day by day. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I just don’t want a salad but if I eat something other than the salad, the salad will become part of the meal somehow. For dinners we have bought some frozen plain chicken breasts and tilapia. Lots of brown rice and a lot of veggies to steam. I have a feeling we might get a little burnt out on the plainness of the food we’re eating so looking up recipes is going to be a must to transform the chicken and tilapia so we don’t get tired of eating it. You might be asking why frozen, because fresh is expensive! lol. That and we can buy in bulk without spending a ton.

994172_10151629188668805_1199906171_nSo I spent about $15 for breakfast of fruit and yogurt with granola for the week, $25 for a week of lunches and then $25 for dinners for the week. Weekends tend to be a gray area because a lot of the time, Ron is not home on Saturdays and Sunday is kind of a lazy day so we try to eat something that isn’t too terrible for us. So going from eating fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner… we’ve got a pretty good foundation to start from. I mean, myself alone, would spend at least $15 a day on just food… that’s $75 a week for just one person. That’s not even a full week… that’s just five days! Craziness!

One thing that is going to take a hit, that I’m not so concerned about because I really wasn’t going to begin with is my gym membership… it’s going on a three month hiatus or freeze as our gym likes to call it. Which is actually pretty great because instead of cancelling my membership all together, and decide that I want it back… I would have to pay $250! That’s crazy talk. So by freezing my account, I pay $5/month that it’s frozen. So $15 compared to either paying $50/actively a month or cancelling and getting it back for $250. I’ll take it! There are plenty of home workouts that I can do and plenty of roads and trails that can provide a running area for me. So my heart is not totally broken!

So here is to eating cleaner… and feeling better! What have you done to be a better you?



3 thoughts on “Food stuff…

  1. I really like the salad in a jar idea, I may have to try it.

    I recently bought the Insanity work out program, and while it does look pretty insane, it also appears to be doable. I meant to start it today, but I didn’t sleep a wink last night so getting up early to do heavy cardio was out of the question. May be I’ll start tomorrow. . .

    1. The salads are wicked convenient and who doesn’t need that in their lives?!

      Yeah, I need to start doing something. I have a ton of circuit workouts that I’ve found on the web, just am never in the mood to do them. lol. But since we’re eating better I’m hoping that will help in losing some pounds. Maybe by the time I make it Texas, I’ll look like a completely different person. Hahaha.

      1. But then how will I recognize you? Oh never mind, you’ll be the one with the camera that’s oozing sarcasm 😉 Lol

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