Life as I know it


So, I had meant to post this Wednesday when it happened but you know me… always wait til the last second. Anyway, Wednesday was an awesome day, got to sleep in… was feeling all around good. Went to work at 10 and we were all getting ready for a big upcoming visit from our, I guess district manager. I have no idea what they call these people anymore because they change titles all the time… but I digress…

rmx-dude-looks-like-a-lady_o_717256So we’re all working and greeting customers… you know like we’re supposed to do. This guy comes into the Women’s section where most of us are working. We greet him, ask him if he needs any help. It’s a pretty normal conversation. We all figure, he’s a good looking guy looking for something for either his mom, wife or girlfriend. Whatevs. No body thinks twice about it.

Well all of a sudden I hear somewhat of a commotion on our walkies. I walk out to where another manager is and everyone is dying laughing. Of course, I’m like what happened?

Apparently one of our employees was stationed by the exit and was telling customers to have a great day and come back and see us. Well she was folding a shirt and she said that she saw someone speed walking up towards her way, so she lifted her head to tell “her” have a nice day, only to be completely speechless at what she saw. The good looking man, that everyone had talked to… had apparently changed into a dress, put on one of our hoodies and wore a black wig and walked right out the door.

Stephanie said she was so stunned that she had to fumble with the walkie, still speechless to try to let a manager know that cross dresser just walked out without paying for the hoodie. lol.

Now don’t get me wrong, we get some really strange things to happen at our store. We have terrible drag queens that try to steal from us all the time, but the fact that this dude walked in a man and left as a woman, well… that would cause anyone to be like “WHAT THE F…”

We just thought he was a normal marine, because a lot of them walk around with backpacks and stuff… and he was as nice as can be! If he was going for confusing us all… he did a damn good job. lol.

Do you work in retail/customer service, what bizarre things ever happen to you?


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