Life as I know it

Week of Crap

funny-foodI think that E-card photo pretty much sums it up. lol. So last week we really didn’t do any food prep for the week. Which means no salads and no fruit or yogurt for this gal. What did that entail as far as food for the week? Fast food… morning… lunch… and dinner. Not the best combination.

I can honestly say that I’ve felt better. First off my energy levels were so off. For whatever reason, I left like “Hey we’re not eating healthy, why should I choose something semi good for me at the drive thru?” I know, my logic is ridiculous.

MjAxMy00NzU4YzRhMGI1MjFkYjM0So yeah, I’ve been groggy and just overall bleh. Yeah, you know that feeling. Every day feeling like it’s dragging. I would normally be pretty awake in the morning but drowsy is more like it all week. Not wanting to get out of bed… now that one is pretty normal but I’ve been extra lazy. And that does not benefit anyone.

And my face, has broken out SO bad! All around my hairline on my forehead… around my temples and all along my jawline. Let’s just say, it’s been a week of not wanting to leave the house without makeup on.

It was a good test though to see if I would feel a difference! Lord knows I did. Never again.

You will be happy to know that yes, I did do the food prep for the week. All the salads are made… instead of mixed fruit, I have a container of cherries [yum!] to eat with my yogurt and granola. What a huge difference it makes. I also have to get off my butt and make our dinners every night as well. No rest for the wicked. That’s for sure!

But I’m glad to be back on the right track. Time to increase that water intake and eat some good food stuff… and maybe if I’m really feeling like it, exercise! [gasps all around, I know!]


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