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Walgreens Haul!

So because I had finished a bunch of stuff in my empties… granted most were not make up related, I still allowed myself to kind of go on a crazy haul at Walgreens. This happened July 10th… Yeah I know… kind of late. It was a crazy busy month. Had photo shoots and we went on a little vacation to Historicon in Virginia July 18-22. So I’ve been a mover and shaker as of late. Hard to imagine, I know. lol. Believe it or not, there are a ton of posts that I want to get up in the next few days, I just have to take pictures and write this stuff out. So there should be a lot of stuff coming up on the blog.

But I digress…

I had gone to Walgreens with the intentions of only picking up one thing… and one thing alone. Does that ever become the case when you’re looking at makeup? I know it doesn’t for me.

So I was on the hunt for the Rimmel Scandal Eyes, eye shadow sticks. I’m almost positive Leigh Ann from Leighannsays on Youtube had these on one of her favorites videos. I can’t be entirely sure… I get to a point on youtube where I have to watch a million and one videos in one sitting because I get so behind on my subscriptions but I was intrigued by these because she had talked about how they didn’t smudge. And a girl like me with oily lids is always down for something like this. So that was the initial reason why I went to Walgreens. lol.

IMG_0706 copy

Ended up with two of the most typical natural colors that were available. They had blue and purple and all those cray cray colors that normally I would be into but I don’t wear them often so I thought it would be kind of a waste to buy them and they would just sit in my drawer until they were next up on the Project Ten Pan list. lol. They were $4.49 regular price. So that’s pretty awesome.

IMG_0705 copy

IMG_0710 copy

I let it “set” for a minute or so, and really they didn’t smudge too bad. But the true test will be how they will fair on my lids. I have not gotten the opportunity to use them yet. Because of course, I’m still trying to use up the products on my Project Ten List but I’m hoping these are a keeper.

Another video that I watched was Leighannsays’s Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer Review. Can you tell I watch her a lot? lol. I had actually heard about these lip lacquers on Fleurdeforce’s youtube, when Rimmel launched them in the UK.

And I completely agree with Leigh Ann, they should have kept the names the same for these. In the UK, these lip lacquers are called Apocalips but in the States, they are called Show Off. Not happy about that purely for the fact that the names of the colors totally go with the whole Apocalips thing. Where as with the Show Off name… it doesn’t really go well together. Sad face.

I got three colors in these and I have only seen them in Walgreens. I mean, all I’ve heard were great things about these and was wicked excited to see them in my Walgreens since I feel like we never get the good stuff.

IMG_0687 copy

IMG_0677 copy

By far my favorites are Comet and Aurora. They are just beautiful colors. They are not sticky feeling, and they are totally pigmented so you don’t have to layer a ton on the lips.

IMG_0716 copy

Luna, is not my favorite. The color is almost too light for my lips because my lips are stupid pigmented and this color just settles in my lines of my lips. I can make it work, but it is not my most loved. This pale peach doesn’t really do it for me.

IMG_0720 copy

Comet is my lips but better color for me. lol. Because of the way this one was shot, it doesn’t look it, but it is a nice mauve-y color.

IMG_0719 copy

Aurora, is quite the color. It would almost count as my “boldest” color in my collection of lip products. I have no idea when I would ever wear it but I’m still happy to have it.

The last of the things that I bought were limited edition Maybelline Color Tattoos from the summer 2013 [duh] collection. I only got two of these. Everyone was so excited about them, but honestly, I wasn’t entirely impressed because I just didn’t know what I could do with them.

IMG_0694 copy

IMG_0695 copy

These two I felt I could get the most wear out of them. The Lavish Lavender looks a lot darker in the pot than when swatched.

IMG_0696 copy

They both give off a nice pearlescent sheen. The Precious Pearl is just gorgeous and when caught in the light at different angles, changes from this opalescent white to a lavender. I think the Precious Pearl is going to be the one that I’m not entirely sure what I can use with it. The Lavish Lavender can go with all the purples I have, because I normally use these Color Tattoos as a base for my eye shadow.

That’s pretty much my haul of hauls. It’s been months since I’ve picked up makeup and really I haven’t been excited about any upcoming launches.

Like I said, I have a lot of things I want to post in the next couple weeks. Book reviews… DIYs thanks to Pinterest…  maybe a life update. lol.


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