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Love with a Twist | Alicia Airey

Love with a TwistBarnes and Noble Overview

Don’t cross a cocktail waitress, especially if she’s had her heart broken. When Francesca falls in love with one of her customers but discovers she’s only his Friday night fling, she decides to fight back the only way she knows how…

London author Alicia Airey brings you Love With A Twist, a collection of seven romantic tales – each with a twist at the end.

So… thank goodness this book was a freebie on, because I’m almost positive I would have been a little hot if I had paid any real money for it. It was not the best, which makes total sense on why it was free.

I think out of all the stories there might have been one or two, I actually liked. A Proposal of Ink by Miceala Shocklee, about a tattoo artist and a client falling in love. That one was probably the best of all of them. No Good Deed by Robin Bales, was pretty good as well.

Not many had the “twist” that you’re expecting. All of them are pretty noticeable. The only one that I didn’t see coming was at the end of No Good Deed by Robin Bales. That one was actually pretty good; made me laugh.

If you are in dire need of something to read that is quick, this will do it. I think it was only a little over 100 pages long. And it’s free. But the “twists” are pretty obvious which doesn’t really make for a great read, especially when you can see that shizz from a mile away.


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