DIY Shaving Cream

shaving-lotionSo we’ve all seen them on Pinterest. Beauty related DIYs that everyone thinks… you know what… that sounds like it would be a winner. I’m going to pin it and then make it later. Don’t worry. I did the same thing. And then I ran out of my shaving cream and thought, “You know what… I’m going to try it.”

<— So using this recipe. I got down to it. I bought some cheap shampoo and conditioner. Some baby oil that smells like lavender and then whatever lotion I had sitting around.

One of the things that I learned after making my first batch is when you wing it… it definitely does not work out so well.

IMG_0074 copy

Now by winged it, I mean… I only did probably half a cup of both shampoo and conditioner… Just kind of poured in the baby oil. Then with the lotion, well just did a thousand and one squirts of my lotion. Stirred and then called it a day. lol. I didn’t even pour it into another bowl so I could mix it, I just kept it in my measuring cup.

Now one of the things that I started to notice with my little creation is that it separated like crazy. I don’t know if you can see it but here… let me point it out for you. [see photo below]

IMG_0074 copy2

So where you see the arrow, there is some start to the separation. I actually have to shake it up every time I have to use it. Now that is the maker’s error. I got lazy and thought that it wouldn’t matter. But it kind of does. And it doesn’t just separate a little… its like all the shampoo goes to the bottom, so I’ve got about an inch of separation. What you see in the picture is just the beginning of the separation.

Now as far as the recipe goes, I like it. I get a really close shave using this and that is partly because of the baby oil. The only thing I don’t like is that it goes on clear. I’m a weirdo that likes to see something all foamy and I like to know where I’ve shaved. Instead of shaving, and then having to run my hand over my legs to see if I missed anything.

But as far as the cost of making it instead of buying it… it’s unbeatable. I made two batches of this stuff and it’s going to last me quite a while.

What I advise is that you get not the cheapest shampoo and conditioner but ones that are somewhat thick. I think that’s why mine has such a watery consistency.

IMG_0075 copy

I decided to make a second batch, actually going through with the whole recipe.

<— that’s what it looks like… this has been sitting in my closet for about three weeks now, and there is no separation. So yeah, going by the recipe helps.

That and I used a somewhat thinner lotion. So there seems to be a lot of variations that could have caused my shaving cream to separate.

If you don’t feel like paying a ton for shaving cream and you don’t mind a thin consistency, you should try this out. Or, I’ve even read where people just use baby oil as their shaving cream and it helps keep your razors sharp for a longer period of time.

Have you made your own shaving cream? Is it a different recipe as the one that I posted? How did it work for you?


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