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Shark Week Nails!

So as many know… this week is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I LOVE shark week. I think sharks are beautiful yet very terrifying! I had just received a package of stamping nail plates [that I bought myself] and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to test out two plates and create a “shark week” themed manicure. I actually did this manicure at the beginning of the week and tonight is the last night of Shark Week… WHAT?! So I thought it would be appropriate to get this up before today ends.

IMG_0100 copy

These are the colors that I used. The China Glaze Sky High-Top was the base color for my nails except for my ring finger which was painted just plain white. Then on top of the Sky High-Top is China Glaze’s Water You Waiting For, highly appropriate if you ask me. 😀 I didn’t want to pile on the Water You Waiting For, because we all know the pain of taking off glitter polish, that’s why I used Sky High-Top as a base color for it. That and I think Sky High-Top lightens up Water You Waiting For a tad bit.

On top of the Water You Waiting For, I used the white nail polish from LA Colors [has no name apparently] and used Pueen 36 Plate from the Love Elements collection.

IMG_0021 copy

And then on top of the white nails, I used Cheeky 38 plate from the Cheeky 2012 Summer collection of plates, in the dark grey LA Color nail polish, which also does not have a name.

IMG_0053 copy

How awesome are those sharks?! lol. This is my first attempt at stamping. And I was pretty happy with this. This is what the final manicure ended up looking like.

IMG_0097 copy

It’s not perfect but I absolutely love it! I never thought it a million years that I would do a “themed” manicure, but I’m totally digging it. I can see myself doing more stamped themed nails. But like it said, it was my first time and there are some little mishaps.

IMG_0097-2 copy

You can totally see the streaking of the grey in the shark. Whoops. That’s a my bad. I thought that since I’m not using a ton of nail polish that the wait time for drying would be shorter… it’s not. lol. Also, you can see on the side of my nail where the stamp did not go fully over the entire nail. Another user error.

And if you look at the second arrow up top on the picture, that’s what happens when your finger gets caught on a box at work and tears off a piece of your cuticle. Not pretty. And I know, I have nail polish on my cuticles. I was really excited to photograph this so I didn’t bother. lol.

The stamping plates are pretty awesome! And I do have a post in the works showing off the collections and some samples of the images. So stay tuned for that.

But what did you think?! Did you do anything fun for Shark Week?! If you did any fun shark manicures, link them this way! I would love to see them!!


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