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On The Horizon, Feathered Finish | China Glaze

So I had recently gone to Sally’s to get a pump bottle for my nail polish remover… just trying to be fancy and all. While I was there I noticed a new display called On the Horizon, Feathered Finish by China Glaze. Color me intrigued!


Basically what it is, is confetti type strips of multiple proportions! I figured why not? I bought Light as a Feather and Flock Together. I’m almost positive I paid $5.99 a bottle. If it wasn’t that, it was $6.99. lol.



What drew me most to Light as a Feather was that the colors in it are orange, black and white because to me, that just screams Halloween!! With it only being a couple months away, there is no reason to wait until then to start thinking of Halloween manicures. Duh! And with Flock Together, I just liked the contrast of the colors. Simply put, really.

Here is a close up:

IMG_0085 copy

Now this is with two coats and you can still see the nail wheel underneath. Which kind of sucks and like all glitter/confetti polishes, you really have to work with it to get any coverage. If you look at it far away, it looks really cool and I can see where they got the whole feather finish idea from, but up close to me it’s not as great. Almost have to un-focus my eyes to get it to look like the photo from the website and that can’t be good for my eyes. lol.

Never the less, I don’t think it was a terrible buy. I’m sure I can deal with the fact that I have to work with it to get it the way that I want it to look. It’s just like anything else. Not only that, I think this would make for a really great accent nail. And I’m sure getting it off will be just like glitter… a pain in the butt!! And looking closer at the screen print I did for China Glaze’s website, I really wish I had gotten You’re A Hoot! That one looks like it would be hella good Halloween colors.

Have you bought any from this collection? How do you like it?


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